The Usefulness of Rangefinders in Survival Hunting

The Usefulness of Rangefinders in Survival Hunting

Using Rangfinders for survival hunting

In the wilderness, a survivalist may face different critical situations in every moment. To survive in these extreme situations, you need energy that keeps you rolling. This is one of the most important reasons why hunting is a great source of calories.

You will find there some of the most common animals such as small game, fish, birds, even some big games for hunting. Having the basic knowledge of hunting and using the perfect tools can play a vital role. While there are many tools that can assist in this, a rangefinder becomes one of the key items for your kit.

Survival hunting isn’t a very easy task at all. As there are wild animals, and you may find yourself in danger at anytime. So, you need continuous surveillance especially in SHTF situations for your own safety.

The rangefinder is a handy tool that serves you in multiple ways. Because of its compactness, it has become very popular among the hunting lovers. Let’s see how a rangefinder will benefit you in survival hunting.

Role of Rangefinders in Survival Hunting

A rangefinder is an optical device used to measure distances of a target through some optical functions. It helps the hunters to gauge successful shots by providing accurate distance data.

While there are different types of rangefinders; a laser rangefinder seems to be the most popular. They are used for different purposes so some important aspects of survival hunting are discussed below.

Scanning and Finding Targets
Using Rangfinders for survival hunting

A rangefinder will allow you to find your targets without alarming them. It scans swiftly around your location and lets you know which target is within your reach. If there are various targets roaming together, then a rangefinder will help you to find the distance of your targeted one.

There are different price levels and ranges of rangefinders. Top-notch rangefinders are capable of scanning and finding targets more than a mile. You can select as your need when choosing them as per its ranging capability.

Get Closer

Rangefinders will make the target distance closer to you by opting for different magnifications. This will help you to judge whether the target is appropriate for you or not.

If the target is situated 50 meters away and you opt 5x magnification, the target will seem to be 10 meters far from you (50 divided by 5). You may also wait until the target reaches your range. Sometimes, it’s a waiting game for the hunter.

Get Prepared for the Hunt

After seeing the game, you will get a few seconds to prepare for the final shot. If you are a bow hunter, then a quality bow-hunting rangefinder will help you to hunt your game with ease and comfort.

The lanyard attachment of the ranger will allow you carrying the device to your neck without adding extra weight to your bug out bag. When it’s time to hunt just drop the device to your neck and take your shot.

Improving the Accuracy

For a survivalist, a rangefinder will assist in identifying your targets accurately. Rangefinders come with variable magnification. So, by changing it, you can easily see your distant targets.

This device will improve your hunting by making the target accurate and easy. That is how it will play a vital role in improving your success rate.

Safety Issue

There are various wild animals in the wilderness that can harm you anytime. Rangefinders will help you with constant surveillance to your surroundings. Before hunting anywhere, make sure the immediate area around you is safe from the wild animals.

With respect to the safety of the device, you may carry it in a bag so that it will last longer. In the wilderness, the rangefinder will face some harsh weather and occasional dropping. So, careful carrying is a way to increase its lifetime.

Make Obstruction Disclose

If you are in an uphill or downhill area, it may be difficult for you to hunt.  But a quality ranger will provide you necessary features to calculate the slope, hence simplifying your shot.

Sometimes, your target might hide behind brushes or tall leaves, then special features of rangefinders will make your target visual. For that to happen, you may need to spend a little more for the extra features.


Rangefinders are one of the most convenient and handy devices for survival hunting. This optical device will ensure your safety as well as make your target clear to you. You can always find more survival tools with additional survival tips. Feel free to explore them too.

Now go and enjoy the outdoors!

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