Gear Review – Survival Key

Gear Review – Survival Key

SurvivalKey LogoFor a while now, I have been gathering free kindle books and scouring the internet for articles in regards to preparedness and survival. This daily search would take me around an hour out of various times during my day. That’s not a bad thing; it is just what it is. There have also been some weekends when I would spend hours upon hours “surfing” the internet looking for electronic materials such as videos and pdfs on specific subjects.

I started hearing a rumor of a new product and found a review of the product on a friend of mines webpage. It is called The SurvivalKey. As I started doing a little more research about the product, I found that Retired General Jerry Boykin had endorsed the product as well. I had to know more!

I reached a point where I actually contacted the CEO and said, “I NEED to know more about your product”. After a great conversation, I agreed to do a review of The SurvivalKey.

Upon downloading the tool, I call it that because it is exactly that, a tool, I wanted to see how fast it was for me to learn how to use it. Being a fairly smart person, I determined this had to be easy. It was VERY easy. Not because I consider myself smart, but because the user interface was intuitive and they had actually put instructions within the product itself. Everything I needed to know on usage was a simple click away.

For those individuals that are beginning with their preparedness journey, it provides assessments to help guide you to where you are currently versus where you want to be. For those that are considered intermediate to advanced, the level of detail the team has put together to get you the desired information is amazing.

As I mentioned it is easy to guide yourself through the tool, but in addition to that, some of the great features that The SurvivalKey has are constant updates and specific topics. This means if I want to know something about a Nuclear Disaster and how to be prepared for it, I can search for this topic and have the documents associated to it. The documents or videos, as some of the topics have, are anything from webpages to pdfs to military manuals.

Keep in mind, I speak of nuclear disaster as an example but the subjects are vast from Food Prep and Storage to Farming and Gardening, Medical and First Aid to Hunting and Fishing. Yes, these are actual topics from this great tool.

That being said, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some of my favorite things about this tool. One is just that, an area for My Favorites. I can mark a document or video as a favorite and come right back to it if I want to access it without having to search for it again. In addition, I have the ability within the the interface to download my documents to my hard drive or a USB storage device, such as a Thumb Drive and take the documents with me. This allows me to have them at my fingertips even if there is no current internet connection.

The SurvivalKey comes in three “flavors”, if you will: Lite ($14.95), Pro ($69.95) and Pro-USB ($99.95). While the Lite version provides you 4 Key Elements, the Pro and Pro-USB provide much more. You choose what fits your budget. I will say, if you can swing the Pro-USB cost of $99, it will definitely be worth it, as it comes with a water resistant, ruggedized 32GB USB drive and a Faraday Cage to put the drive in to protect it from an EMP.

I can talk to you all day long about the subjects and benefits and how there is a team that is soley focused on making sure the content is both valid and good, but I think it best if you get on their website and see for yourself. Don’t forget to watch General Boykin’s video. It is definitely worth your time and causes you to really think.

Personally I would like to thank both Mike Sattler (aka the waterboy) and Alex Newton for turning me on to The SurvivalKey. I appreciate the time and focus pointing me in the direction of a great and useful tool.

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive