STILL struggling to determine what to get that special someone in your life? Maybe these 10 suggestions from the Holiday Gift Ideas for 2019 will be just what they wanted.

Allett Nylon Sport Wallet$25

Great everyday wallet with RFID Blocking. The slim design allows you to load it up with cards or cash without the bulge that many wallets give.

Allett Micro Pen $20

The Micro Pen is a lot smaller than most pocket pens (yes, that is a short leaf pine needle). With a clip and slim design, it will fit in any pocket or inside any of their wallets. They even carry refills on the site.

Allett Leather Sport Wallet – $45

Allett Original Leather Wallet

When it’s time to dress it up a bit but still need to keep the slim design and RFID Blocker, the Leather Sport Wallet or Original Leather Wallet is exactly what you need (cash not included).

Allett Mule Women’s Wallet – $48

Allett has wallets for everybody. This slim design is for the ladies but the functionality makes it easy for men too (cash not included). Snap closure and external coin pocket, add another layer of functionality to a great design.

Haeleum Mossy Oak Camouflage Darian $36.99

Haeleum Mossy Oak Camouflage Darian

They great Mossy Oak obsession should come as functional gear. This lightweight, long sleeve shirt is coated with Insect Shield Technology designed to keep those pesky bugs at bay, especially during hunting season.

Wazoo Forager’s Bandana – $11

The 100% cotton Wazoo Forager’s Bandana is designed to get you outdoors and see what useful plants are around you. With a color coded key, you might find the plants around you are not just weeds. ALWAYS CHECK PLANTS BEFORE EATING.

Wazoo Tracking Bandana – $11

With over 20 different prints, the 100% cotton Wazoo Tracking Bandana is designed to enlighten you to the world around you. You know there are critters lingering in the brush, with the field tested tracks will open your eyes to a whole new world.

Wazoo FireCraft Necklace – $24

The ceramic striker mounted on fire cord, provides assured spark when you need it most. The Wazoo Firecraft Necklace not only looks good but it is a great functional piece of survival equipment.

Wazoo Viking Pendant/Sharpening Stone Necklace – $30

The Arkansas whetstone on leather thong, not only looks good but it provides functionality when you need it most. The Wazoo Viking Pendant/Sharpening Stone Necklace has great lines and a hook sharpener all while providing a unique color that changes over time and use. (knife not included)

Wazoo Cache Belt – $45

Sometimes the best gear is gear you can’t see. The coveted Wazoo Cache Belt allows you to stow small gear for just when you need it most. Add your own or purchase one of Wazoo’s kits.

Wazoo Adventure Kit – $80

The Wazoo Adventure Kit (22pc) adds a little more gear than their Everyday Essentials Kit ($40 – 15pc). Both are designed for the Wazoo Cache Belt but can be used without it and provides a great little kit for anyone.

I hope the Holiday Gift Ideas for 2019 gives you exactly what you needed for this season. A HUGE SHOUTOUT to Cameron at Deep Creek Public Relations for helping me with part of the gear list.

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