The Exotac titanLight – Review

The Exotac titanLight – Review

I grew up with the thought that Zippo had the best lighter in the world. This thing was used in movies and by military forces around the globe. But they ALL had one problem, lighter fluid evaporation.

That alone was the main reason my investment into the product was minimal.

Enter the Exotac titanLight 🙂

Seriously, without this sounding like a true infomercial, I want to tell you about what I found.

I had seen the Exotac booth and had run into the Exotac reps at numerous shows and events. They provide great, solid products and I’ll tell you about more of them in some of my future posts, including one I carry every time I travel.

For those that read my posts and watch my videos, you know I’ll give a special shout out to those companies with great products that are MADE IN THE U.S.A. This is no exception. In fact there headquarters are about 20 miles from my house.

So back to the titanLight. This thing is only an inch in diameter and less than 3.5″ long. Rugged and durable because it’s made out of machined aluminum.

After opening the package, you know the one with the American Flag on it that says MADE IN THE U.S.A., I added just enough lighter fluid for about five uses. This was test number one and the BIGGEST in my book.

Sure it’s light but I need to have lighter fluid when I need fire and this claims to be LEAKPROOF on the package.

So what happened?

I can say without a doubt, my math skills are solid. I got 5 strike and lights out of it and no more. Each burn was for 15 seconds.

While that may not seem impressive, that was over a 2 month period of time with me carrying it around in several different bags and my pocket. It was also in a lot of different weather conditions, mostly rain or wind.

It didn’t just sit on my desk after filling it!

Now that it passed my main one, I ran it through the rest of the claims.

High-spark flint wheel – Check. It through off great sparks before I added fluid and once it ran dry. Not to mention, through off some grand ones when lighting.

Waterproof to 1 meter – Check. That’s a little over 3′. I may be wading around some, but I rarely am going to really need this test, but hey…it passed. They use a replaceable o-ring to accomplish this.

1 Revolution quick-THREAD cap – Check. While Zippos can flip the top, this feature does make it fast time to use.

The caveat to this is, make sure you have a lanyard on the top. Yeah, because it’s not attached. <- A way to connect the two would be my recommendation to you and to Exotac. Look at some of the water bottles on the market; the plastic hinge thing would be a great start.

Convection assist combustion – makes me glad I understood the science on this one. Check.

What this means is, because of the chamber that surrounds the lighting area, the heat builds up inside of it to provide a faster time to light. It also helps with wind resistance.

Machined aluminum construction – Check. I definitely like the weight of the titanLight. Even filled with fluid, it’s not something that weighs down my already overloaded pants pockets.

Easily replaceable flint – Check. I think they have this down to a science. *push pin to the side (it only goes one way) *remove pin *remove top slowly to prevent flint from flying across the room *replace and reverse instruction.

One other thing that I liked that isn’t really listed as a testable item is the refilling technique. You unscrew a cap and pour fluid into the cotton wadding. The replace the cap. There is no disassembly. It is as simple as refilling your water bottle.

  • Weight – 2.0 ounces
  • Diameter – 1″
  • Length – 3.4″
  • Flint – 500 strikes

So plain and simple. Definitely a lightweight and quality piece of gear. I am glad that Chris reached out to me and that I got the orange one. While not fluorescent, it definitely provides great contrast when I lay it on the ground.

If you are in the market for a lighter, pick the Exotac titanLIGHT up and give it a go. For those of you attending Blade Show 2019, I’m sure they will be there again.

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive

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