Are You Defeated?

Are You Defeated?

When you think you have a dream in front of you and something blocks it, DO YOU QUIT?

Too many of us die with the dream inside of us without sharing it with others OR even enjoying it ourselves. Is that You?

A mentor told me once that it is not necessarily about the outcome but it’s what I learned along the way. Sure it may look sloppy or even smelly but what did I learn?

Yesterday as we actually started the physical journey of going to Montana, a drive that should have only taken us about 90 minutes ended up taking three+ hours. I could have taken it as a sign to just quit and stay in Georgia.

HOWEVER, as we were driving, an RV pulled in front of me as we merged YET another lane down from 8 to 1. The brand of the RV is what gave me inspiration to continue the journey.

As the back of the Montana brand RV finally entered the lane, we also crossed under an overpass. The shadows from the overpass looked like a mountain rising in the rear window of the RV. Yeah, a little inspiring.

Add several more stop due to tarp issues on the pickup truck and anything else would have told me to stop, rethink, and just give up. The issue is, it is NOT IN ME.

I know within every fiber of my being, as does my wife, that we are supposed to be in Montana. Her dreams will come into play as well as mine. So it is not me being just a stubborn ole mule.

Regardless of the journey. Regardless of the hurdles. Do NOT let the dream die within you. Fight for everything and with everything to make it happen.

If money were no object, what would you be doing…NOW DO IT!

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive

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