TacLace Review

TacLace Review

TacLace Gear ReviewIn today’s environment, it is wise to find things that make your life easier and sometimes even faster. TacLace enables me to do just that.

Even though the Minutemen started sometime around 1645 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony as Training Bands for rapid deployment, they were better known to be around the time of the American Revolution as a militia was needed. Most were young men but it employed me between the ages of sixteen to sixty five.

The purpose of these men were they could receive their orders and prided themselves on being ready in a moment’s time. There has always been the debate as to whether this minute was a literal sixty seconds or was it because of their preparedness to move in such a short amount of time. Regardless, it was fast.

Fast forward to current date and time.

I know for the average person to shower, shave, and get dressed it can be in as little as 10 minutes but usually borders between 15-30 minutes. This does not take into account those men who feel the need to primp, shape their beards and mustaches and don the red checkered flannel shirts in which 45 minutes is typically minimal.

Any tool or item that can cut minutes out of my “ready” time is viewed as beneficial. In timing myself it takes me 2.25 – 3 minutes to put on one of my tactical boots, tighten the laces and tie them in order to grab the second. TacLace actually provided me the ability to do both boots in less than 2.25 minutes. Keep in mind, as my family states, I am getting old.

While those numbers may not seem big, I urge you to see what all you can do in 2.25 minutes. You would be surprised.

This applies to everyday life should the need to rapidly deploy yourself in a possible Bug Out situation, an emergency room visit, or you feel like seeing how fast you can get ready. Additionally, TacLace does fit within the military standards of equipment and you can still have your uniform bloused.

Just the Facts:

  • $14.99 for Black, Foliage Green, or Coyote
  • $17.99 for RealTree
  • $4.99 Black, Foliage Green, or Coyote Laces

While some folks make this this a little high, I see it as a reasonable price to make my life easier and each TacLace Kit comes with boot laces. So you get boot laces and TacLace for 15 Bucks! Sounds reasonable to me.

The last thing I want to point out is the security of the laces. While most boots require you to tuck laces or double knot them, once the TacLace is in place, it is secured. I wore them for three weeks and once they were strapped, I did not have to worry about them coming undone. I took them off and put them on multiple times during a day for 20 days and they were as secure the last time I used them as the first time I used them.

Regardless of your status, military, law enforcement, or civilian, I can see where the TacLace is very beneficial. I have a Civil Air Patrol Cadet who wants me to get some for her black boots as well. They are easy to use, quick to adapt, and ensure the security of the laces which means security for me not tripping over anything or getting the laces caught in or on something.

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