Paleo Meals To Go Review

Paleo Meals To Go Review


Paleo Meals To GoWith both work and pleasure, I am on the go almost constantly. Between running to catch a flight, hiking a trail, camping in the mountains, or coaching softball the one thing that suffers the most is my diet. Paleo Meals To Go has answered my prayers.

I started following the Primal Blueprint in 2013 and it was a very successful eating plan for me. This version of the Paleo diet allowed me a little more flexibility when it came to things like dairy products and some of the fruits. More importantly, it got me off my butt and showed me how to focus on the entire picture not just what I put in my mouth.

The weight came off and I went from 305 pounds down to 260 pounds. While that may not seem like a lot to some folks, it was a huge task and accomplishment for me since I had been athletic all of my life. After deciding to slack off a little, I started realizing that getting back into the groove of a meal plan was a bit more difficult and I lacked motivation to stay on it.

Enter life and an accident involving a knife, took me down for a while. Depression set in as did the lack of mobility. I continually spiraled down and my weight went back up.

Finally, after having to catch my breath to tie my boots, I realized enough is enough and I started back on the Primal Blueprint with more motivation and ferocity than ever before. I have stayed tuned in to what my body is telling me every step of the way.

My main problem is what was mentioned in the first paragraph, my schedule.

I came across Paleo Meals To Go via Twitter and started conversing with them asking if they wanted a review of their product. After several tweets and then emails back and forth, they happily agreed.

The Canyon Chicken Chili is what started the testing and I cooked it per their stovetop directions. It had some flavor and I liked the little kick of spice but in my opinion it could have used a little meatier flavoring. This could possibly be accomplished with a chicken bullion cube or chicken stock cube. You would have to find one that fits better within the confines of your meal plan.

Canyon Chicken Chili Canyon Chicken Chili Package

The Mountain Beef Stew fills the meat gap that I felt was missing with the Canyon Chicken Chili. I thoroughly enjoyed the flavors and the beef. I have had reconstituted meats but there was something about the way this dehydrated beef tasted that put it over the top. The vegetables were phenomenal.

But wait, there’s more…

When negotiating what was to be reviewed, I stopped with the above two so I could have a good range of flavors. However, to my surprise, they added one more for me to try.

The Butte Cacao Banana is great for breakfast or snack. It has a nice sweetness that puts it over the top and one of my favorite things about it were the strawberries. I am a huge fan of dehydrated strawberries. The caveat to this specific packet was the texture. If you do not like things like oatmeal or mashed fruits, this one is not for you. As for me, I polished it off with no qualms about it.

The home-style recipe packages fit well with the rules or guidelines for Paleo and Primal Blueprint. They are great for camping, backpacking, and even business travel. Additionally, they are shelf stable which means they will last you a while in case your trip gets canceled or camping trip gets rained out.

Just the Facts: (as of this writing)

  • Available on paleomealstogo.com
  • Canyon Chicken Chili   $9.99 normally $12.99
  • Mountain Beef Stew  $9.99 normally $12.99
  • Butte Cacao Banana   $9.99 normally $12.99

Do yourself a favor and at least go check out the site. Buy one or two and let me know what you think about this Made In The USA product and tell Dawn and Ty that I sent you.

Until then,

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