Twins of Prey II: Homecoming

Twins of Prey II: Homecoming

Twins of Prey 2I have previously read W.C. Hoffman’s Twins of Prey and was very pleased with the story. I thought the skills the twins were using were believable and put to good use. You can read the review here.

However, when it comes to sequels, I do not set my bar very high because I believe that most authors hold out too much in hopes of dragging out a series of books and possibly make more money. I am VERY pleased to see that Hoffman did NOT do this in Twins of Prey II: Homecoming. He gave me exactly what was needed to make this a solid and adventurous story that I literally had a hard time putting down. This something I cannot say about all the books I have read throughout my life including those I have not done reviews on. There have been only a few that I just could not beyond reading a quarter of the book.

I am afraid that I cannot talk too much about Twins of Prey II: Homecoming in fear of giving away a lot of the story thus giving you spoilers. I can say that the twins made it out alive because the authors description on Amazon provides that information.

In the second of three books, the twins have to come to grip with them having a sister and all three of them, Drake, Tomek and Annette Henderson, all have a fight for their lives on their hands. They work to fight against a corrupt system and drug ring as well as “organized” thugs from a trouble kid’s home.

I do feel that Hoffman’s use of life and death scenarios, greatly advanced not just the story but the characters including their mindsets. It is because of this weaving of a tale or “spinning a yarn”, I look forward to the third and final in the series, Twins of Prey III: Ascension, that comes out April 1, 2016.

In closing, I leave you with one final note about the book itself. On the last pages, after the story ends, W.C. Hoffman asks a couple of questions to build a mindful scenario and give you food for thought regarding book three. Those were the exact questions that I was pondering at the end of the book after reading it on my own and without leading. I know the next is the final book in the series but my hopes is he will continue to write other books and more than just this series and his short story Inheritance. I wish him well in any endeavor but feel there is talent in his writing ability and storytelling.

Just the Facts:

  • $12.48 in Paperback – Amazon.com
  • $0.99 on Kindle
  • $0.00 in Kindle Unlimited
  • $22.47 to catch up on both in the series (paperback)
  • 186 pages

The book and series are well worth the time it takes to read them. I feel the second book builds from book one and, in my opinion, actually is better than the first in the series.

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