Product Review: Gorilla Tape Duct Tape To-Go

Product Review: Gorilla Tape Duct Tape To-Go

Gorilla Tape To GoI don’t normally review a normal or “Off The Shelf” product but I had to make the exception with my latest find. Duct tape overall is a prepper’s dream as it is, but carrying a 2 lb., 3″x35 yard roll of tape in your bag with everything else adds a lot of undue stress to your back and arms.

Gorilla Tape has found a way to make it easier. Duct Tape To-Go! I keep a roll of this fantastic product in my bags. Yes, that was plural. My EDC, BOB and my work backpack all have a roll of this powerful ally. You may ask about duct tape in my vehicle. I have room for a full size roll of Gorilla Tape in my tool box and am please I have that ability.

There are several uses for Duct Tape and as far as I’m concerned several that are more suited for the “To-Go” version of it. Before I start listing those out, let’s take a look at the specifics.

Just the Facts:

So what’s wrong with regular Duck (Duct) tape, you may ask. I say, it is not strong enough. I think the following Popular Mechanics test shows the proof of what I am trying to explain to you. It was declared the overall Winner of the Popular Mechanics Abusive Lab Test in their “What’s the Best Tape” lab test.

With a Tensile strength of 80 lb./in and an Adhesion Strength of 90 oz./in this tape works at a varying temperatures from 40-200 degrees Fahrenheit and it also meets the UL 723 requirements for the Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials. Surface Burning?

From their site:

Duct tape is made for smooth, even, predictable surfaces. How many of your projects can be described that way? That’s why we invented Gorilla Tape, to us, it’s made the way tape should be: The Toughest on Planet Earth®. Gorilla Tape offers over the top results with its heavy-duty, double-thick duct tape. It is made to stick to rough, uneven, unforgiving surfaces like wood, stone, stucco, plaster, brick and more.

Just like Gorilla Glue, Gorilla Tape is a breakthrough – that’s why Popular Science put it on their “Best of What’s New, 2006” list. Here’s what they said: “Oh what MacGyver could have done with Gorilla Tape in place of his beloved gray stuff.” Here’s why:

DOUBLE-THICK ADHESIVE – grips smooth, rough and uneven surfaces
HEAVY-DUTY CLOTH BACKING – for added strength and heft
RUGGED OUTER SHELL – withstands moisture, UV rays and temperature extremes better than other tapes

Available in rolls of 35 yd, 12 yd, 1″ Duct Tape To-Go and 3″ Tough & Wide

Check out our video!

That being said, the uses are almost limited to your imagination but to save your brain cells for other prepping tasks, I will list some here regardless of what width of tape you choose and then I will list a few more that are easier with the narrow 1″ width To-Go roll.

  • Repair tent pole
  • Repair rips in tent
  • Repair rips in backpack
  • Repair rips in sleeping bag
  • Repair/replace broken zipper
  • Folded in half or fourths makes great cordage
  • Tape cables out of the way (as evident on the video)
  • Repair holes in window/door screens
  • Temporary hold to shattered glass (it will last a while but I say replace the glass ASAP)
  • Repair garden hose
  • Repair vehicle hoses (again, replace ASAP)
  • Hold car body parts together (NASCAR is a big proponent of this)
  • Temporary hold for emergency equipment (such as taping a flashlight to a door or under a cabinet)
  • Clothing – A lot of people have made various clothing items and accessories with duct tape

and the list goes on longer than the Energizer Bunny…

1″ Preference:

  • Cuts and scrapes – like a bandaid
  • Subtle zipper and clothing repair
  • Shoe repair
  • Hide-a-key
  • Repair glasses
  • Repair safety masks or glasses

Although the list can go on for a long time and have several variations of the above uses, I wanted to leave you with one project that I think is fairly cool.

Container for when you need a bigger water carrier

  1. Cut two plastic bottle tops off – make sure they are same or very similar in size
  2. Cut 1/4 off of the bottle along the sides and leaving a 1/2″ flap attached to the bottom of one of them
  3. Slide the two bottles together to where the sides just barely overlap
  4. Overlap the flap into the “non-flap” bottle
  5. Duct tape down one side and underneath bringing the tape up the opposite side
  6. Add a strip of tape around the top, middle and bottom of the bottles
  7. Ensure the bottom joint is securely taped or you will leak water
  8. There you have it! A large water carrier.

NOTE: If it starts leaking…tape it!

Keep in mind this is really a temporary carrier but if it is cared for, it could last a long while.

To close this post, I want to borrow a phrase from a TV commercial: “What’s in your bag”?

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive



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