Book Review – EPP Workbook presented by The Civil Defense Network

Book Review – EPP Workbook presented by The Civil Defense Network

EPP WorkbookI have read a lot of books in my time and have been working on a lot of reviews in the past few years. I am again excited with my latest review. Even though the EPP Workbook presented by The Civil Defense Network is technically an easy read, it is a challenging book.

When I say “challenging book”, it is not because of the design, layout, grammar or wording itself, which are in perfect order, but because it challenges you look at what you have versus what you should have. Let me explain.

I contacted Dr. Jim deBoer to ask if I could review his work. Dr. deBoer asked if I was willing to “interview” for the task. After agreeing, we would set up a call and he would take his information to his team and decide from there. I viewed this as very professional as this was not my first time through a process like this.

We spent a considerable amount of time on the phone asking each other questions to which the clarity and purpose behind this project came forth. I grew even more excited and couldn’t wait for the “nod”.

Needless to say but the title of this post shows I got the nod. I speak of the process to let you know about the worthiness of this book. But enough about the process, let us discuss the workbook.

The Emergency Preparedness Plan Workbook enables the reader to fully grasp what it means to be prepared. You are taken step by step through six levels of getting prepared in a check list type fashion. This is based off of personal projects and years of research by Dr. deBoer and his team.

The workbook starts by going through an overview in order to set the stage and to ensure the reader knows what they are getting into. Considerable amount of time is spent in what is referred to as the Basic Levels (1-2) because this is the foundation in which all other levels are built on. The workbook proceeds to follow suite by introducing you to the Intermediate (3-4) and Advanced (5-6) levels, ensuring the reader has either accomplished the previous task or is “working on it” and even includes a place to mark where you are in the process for each task. This step-by-step process ensures the level is completed and the reader is properly equipped in the case of an emergency or The End Of The World As We Know It.

Keep in mind, that not all “To-Do lists” are the same if I may use a very slight comparison. A list of what you are supposed to “purchase” at the store or around the house jobs is what a normal To-Do is for. However, I hesitated using this comparison because the check boxes within the workbook have first explained what you need, told you why and how you need it and what I feel is one of the best parts of the EPP Workbook, sends you to the page in the companion guide, “The Ultimate Preparedness Manual”. In addition, the Workbook points you to another resource which is their website for FREE information.

When you purchase the EPP Workbook, you also receive a link for the companion, 434 page, book of knowledge. This means, in essence, you are buying two books for the price of one. Keep in mind, the EPP Workbook is just that, a WORK book.

Throughout the book, we are constantly reminded of something I fully agree with. Preparedness is not about living in fear, but done in order to survive and thrive in an emergency. This in turn shows the reader how to become a member of a civil society as opposed to a lunatic hoarder or thief that if the “SHTF” would come and attempt to take your stuff.

I close with a quote from the EPP Workbook:

“Everyone needs to have a fully completed Emergency Preparedness Plan but very few understand why it is so critical to get started as soon as possible.”

This is one of the main reasons why I think this book is worth every penny, it will help the reader to get started as soon as possible. In my opinion, the purchase of this book is more valuable than the $19.95 price tag associated with it. Keep in mind, it is only available on the EPPWorkbook.com website. Without sounding like an infomercial, you get the book in digital download (or $29.95 gets you a 3-ring binder and printed copy) and the digital copy of the “Ultimate Preparedness Manual” ($65 value).

If you are looking for the first step in how to prepare or to expand your existing emergency preps and not sure “what’s next”, the EPP Workbook is for you. I look forward to the future projects that Dr. deBoer and his team have coming up and hopefully the chance to work alongside them.


Until then,

Use your instincts to survive


UPDATE: In talking with Dr. deBoer on Friday, December 6th, the book will be rebranded along with the website and they will be offering a thumbdrive with the digital copy of the book along with the printed book in three-ring binder for $39.95. The launch is targeted for this week. Stay tuned for details on the new website project as well.