Book Review: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Book Review: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

PandP_Surviving the Zombie ApocalypseI have been somewhat a “fan” of all things zombie since I was a child. The snarling, flesh-rotting, former humans have always had an appeal to me, even to the point of walking around the house searching for all thing that looked like the “life” sustaining gray matter they longed for.

Now as an adult, I don’t have to ask permission to watch such movies and can certainly purchase books on the subject that interests me without worrying where I’m going to hide it if my parents come into the room.

My purchase of Plan and Prep’s “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse” is actually a book that I would have made a hiding spot for just so I could read it over and over. Alex Newton, who has recently become more than an acquaintance to me, is the author that I am speaking of when I say, “this book is survival writing at it’s finest”. The reason is because there was more to the book than just the thought provocation and hands-on information. It was the illustrations.

The subject of zombies is a great talking point when introducing someone to the concept of prepping because many people are familiar with “surviving the zombie horde invasion”. But other than the cover, how many people take the time to provide meaningful illustrations transposed directly from the author’s zombie ladened mind?

The book starts by providing different emergency based scenarios in order to provide the reader a clearer picture of why one would even consider preparing for survival or fight an onslaught of zombies. From that point on, the reader is drawn into the journey of possible realities and what can and needs to be done to ensure they live through a possible real-life, catastrophic event.

Accomplishing this through explaining basic survival preparation and the “do’s & don’ts” allows Alex to move into the harsh realities of specific types of major events that could happen. Events like these can be broken into two separate categories of Quite Likely and Not As Likely to happen.

As Mr. Newton starts closing out the book, my absolute two favorite parts are found in the Appendix. These are the Survival Tips and Tricks with the how-to sections of actual survival including statistics and zombie games, followed by a mini gallery of illustrations from the book’s Canadian born illustrator, Jamie Mathieson.

I would venture to say, this might be the easiest book to read on the subject and I was very thankful it was my first purchase regarding preparedness. I have referred to it often and even loaned it out, which makes me thankful I bought both the paperback and Kindle version.

This book has also caused me to eagerly anticipate a follow-up book on the subject or at least one on a separate subject from Alex Newton. But until that happens, his posts on PlanandPrep.com will have to subdue my brain shielding self.

Just the Facts:
140 Pages
Paperback on Amazon: $6.29 (on sale at the moment) normally $6.99
Kindle Edition: $.99

Do yourself a favor and buy the book. It is a great read and great to pass along to others.

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive