X-Shot Sport Review

X-Shot Sport Review

X-Shot Sport Camera Extender PoleIn the world of modern technology, we are always trying to get a leg up. X-Shot Sport actually helps expand our capabilities allowing us to do just that.

While I have seen “selfie sticks” with their trigger or push button mechanisms, I have not seen one that allows me to do exactly what I need to with the variety of photography equipment that I have until I found the X-Shot Sport.

The X-Shot Sport has three adapters allowing me to utilize my GoPro Hero, my Camileo B10, or my iPhone 6 cameras when I want and how I want depending on the situation. The provides the flexibility I need and does not limit me to one camera when I am doing my outdoor shoots.

The fact that the X-Shot Sport and the GoPro Pole have a one year warranty and have been tested for salt water abilities starts putting this piece of equipment ahead of the game over its competition. Add the fact that it is constructed from aircraft aluminum tubing and it starts leaving others in the dust.

You may think that it would be a smarter investment to just by a self proclaimed “selfie stick” and save a few dollars and that is where you would be wrong. The camera lanyard hole as a safety mechanism is not something you will find in any competitor that I looked up. Additionally the paracord type lanyard to attach the X-Shot Sport to your wrist ensures that whether you are running, hiking, or scuba diving, you will not lose this piece of equipment or more importantly, the camera on the other end.

Two other factors make this a complete package and that is the grip and the screw threads in the base of the handle. The grip ensures that it will not slip out of my hand should I be wet from a kayak or canoe trip. The threads allow me to take things a little further and screw in the 39″ handle onto a tripod increasing the height even more.

Sure the 12″ collapsed frame is light and definitely portable but one thing that makes the adjustment from 12″ to 39″ and vise versa a huge factor is the twisting action. By applying pressure near the camera mount and twisting, you will feel a slight notch and all you have to do is twist. This is a patent pending technology that gets my vote all day long. It makes it very easy. To extend, twist all of the handles with that same pressure and pull apart. This allows the transition to fit my needs easily and I can stop at any desired length in between in a heartbeat.

I know many of you are waiting for the con list. Well, two things are the con for me. When it is not tightened down, it rattles. Not loudly but it rattles much like any telescoping tube does. This is not a show stopper.

The second is the thumb screw. Well, not the thumb screw exactly, but I have to crank it down a little more than I probably should because if it is not tightly twisted, the camera weight will cause the head to adjust in a position I do not want it to. Again, this is not a show stopper.

So is it worth the MSRP of $54.99? With the durability, flexibility, and ready for this, versatility, I would say yes. I spotted a review several months before obtaining mine and drooled for a while knowing I would have to save my pennies because it is definitely a leg up from the others I had seen.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

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