Review – Original Glutathione Formula (OGF)

Review – Original Glutathione Formula (OGF)

Original Glutathione FormulaIn an effort to become more physically prepared, I have started a fairly strict regiment of exercise, diet, and supplementation. While exercise and diet, or rather eating plan is set, supplements are something I am still testing to determine what works best for my body and daily activity. The one requirement, is it has to be a natural product meaning little to no chemicals and preferably something the body already produces on its own. Enter Rob Keller – Original Glutathione Formula (OGF).

Gluta-what?! Glutathione. While all of the scientific backing can be found at the link above, as well as more benefits than the ones I want to talk about, suffice it to say, it is comprised of building blocks of amino acids that your body already produces or at least should. Dr. Keller has done a great job of combining these amino acids to give the body what it needs to increase cellular structure and reduce the aging process and how it affects the body as one gets older.

Although I was using a product that I am a huge a fan of, I searched for one that might give me an edge in my daily activities and assist in the long run. In looking at the building blocks that a body needs, OGF brings it to the table three main areas:

  • Enhanced Brain Activity
  • Enhanced Immune System
  • Increased Energy and Stamina

In this post I will talk about the brain activity and increased energy and stamina. While my immune system is strong, there is not a way for me to actively measure it other than my sinus issues were not as bad this season.

Brain Activity

I like to think that I am an intelligent human being. I also like to think that my brain ways a literal ton due to all the knowledge stored in it. But when I can recall specific facts, figures, and data without taking too long to ponder an answer, I believe my brain is bionic. That is the feeling I feel and have felt since I started taking OGF.

It has been tested and proven that men cannot truly multi-task. However, OGF has definitely enhanced the ability for me to think that I do. I am able to concentrate on things that need my attention and able to quickly recall information that is needed at a moment’s notice.

Increased Energy and Stamina

While this may be a bold statement, there is no product on the market that will replace the energy and stamina that you get from a good night sleep. That being said, I do believe you can add to that energy with food and supplementation. I also believe that with the right supplement, your stamina for athletics, as well as daily tasks, can be increased.

The Test

I took OGF for a week straight. My energy levels were off the chart. I felt like the energizer bunny. In addition, there was no wall or bonk towards mid-afternoon or early evening. I continued throughout the day without having to “stop and catch my breath” or continue on after someone had to “give me just a minute”. I was thrilled.

For the second week, that was not the case since I did not take the supplements. For days one and two of the second week, I could feel a little energy but the stamina was lacking. I started getting a little more tired towards the end of the day. On days three through seven, I was a complete wreck. While I was thankful that my diet was pushing me through, I could tell that I was dragging on what would have been a solid “buzz” towards the end of the day. This also made me stop my day a few hours shorter than I had the previous week.

For the third week, I started back with the full recommended six capsules in the morning and could tell the difference on day one.

Final Thought

I believe this product is a must for any athlete or weekend warrior. As we age, our functions start minimizing and our bodies start to deteriorate which requires a little more help overall. My personal thought is to also add another Rob Keller supplement Glutathione Rapid Boost.



Until then,

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