Review – Glutathione Rapid Boost (GRB)

Review – Glutathione Rapid Boost (GRB)

Glutathione Rapid Boost

With my new exercise regiment, I require certain boosts of energy with both quick bursts as well as endurance type of energy. To give a little understanding to my regiment, I utilize a mix between Spartan Race training and Crossfit. It is during some of my training sessions that I need the quick boost that Rob Keller MD – Glutathione Rabid Boost (GRB) provides.

Gluta-what?! Glutathione. While all of the scientific backing can be found at the link above, as well as more benefits than the ones I want to talk about, suffice it to say, it is comprised of building blocks of amino acids that your body already produces or at least should. Dr. Keller has done a great job of combining these amino acids to give the body what it needs to increase cellular structure and reduce the aging process and how it affects the body as one gets older.

Much like what the Original Glutathione Formula (OGF) provides, I need the ability to have or increase energy, increase my focus on large and small details, as well as ensuring my immune system does not break down due to strenuous exercise. But I need it to be assimilated quickly in my body.

GRB comes in an easy pixie pack that I can add to my bottle of water and drink before, during, or after exercise or anytime you want it. I usually consume it with eight ounces of water before working out so enough time has been given for me to have the required energy needed once my warm-up has ended. Using it this way usually gives me the boost when I am ready to start burning calories and building new muscle cells.

The Test

As with OGF, I took the product every day for a week just prior to exercising. I was able to go the literal extra mile when running, walking, or jogging. Additionally, my brain was so focused on the goals for each day that my lifts and reps seemed easier because of the mental focus. I also realized recovery time was quicker which does come from cell regeneration and boosting the immune system.

Also, like the previous test with OGF, I skipped the second week to see what would happen. While I still exercised, the length of time that I exercise was cut by about one quarter. My usual workouts range between thirty minutes to an hour, this week I had a hard time pushing to a full thirty minutes. Mentally, I was there and felt great but when it came time to get through the list of exercises, it seemed harder to focus on the proper order of things.

Because of this, I cut workouts short or added a variation with the justification, “oh this will be better for today anyway”.

The third week, all good to go. My first workout lagged a little because I was just getting back to OGF but was thankful that I had added the GRB pixie to my water. This got me back on track quicker and easier than rest periods where I had no exercise and jumped into a new routine.

Final Thoughts

While quite a few supplements can leave a bad taste in your mouth, the Citrus-Berry flavor actually tastes great. The only thing I will add is to make sure you shake the ever living crap out of it to reduce content settling on the bottom.

As we get older, our bodies need good nutrition and because of today’s less than nutritious choices, supplements play a major role. If you are exercising, a good nutrition plan is key. GRB helps add to that nutrition with the proper building blocks needed for muscle recovery and growth. My personal recommendation is to take both OGF and GRB daily.

Original Glutathione Formula and Glutathione Rapid Boost

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