Sunjack 14w + 8000mAh Battery Portable Solar Charger

Sunjack 14w + 8000mAh Battery Portable Solar Charger

SunJack 14w + 8000mAh Battery Portable Solar Charger Product Review

SunJack 14w + 8000mAh Battery Portable Solar ChargerSome of the latest trends we are seeing today is solar powered gadgets. While this is an old technology, harvesting the sun as a renewable resource is on a steep incline when it comes to personal use. By using today’s science and technology, this is where the SunJack 14W + 8000mAh Battery Portable Solar Charger comes into play.

I was pleased to spend some much desired time outdoor in the name of providing a good review. To be honest, just being outside regardless of the review, was fantastic other than the heat here in Georgia.

The purpose of a solar anything is to ensure anytime power to a specific item whether it be a personal gadget like my phone and tablet or a bigger dollar item like a car or house. With the sun being renewable, it is to our benefit to wisely use it as opposed to constantly spending money on batteries and non-renewable power.

But other than dollars and cents, the value comes into play in several arenas. Whether you are into preparedness, survival, or just camping, solar charging stations are a highly valued commodity.

The SunJack 14W + 8000mAh Battery provides true energy independence and my testing proves the claims SunJack says the tool does.

Checkmark90 minutes to charge smartphone with solar power

By plugging my phone directly into the solar panels inverter, I was able to take my phone from 5% to 100% in 80 minutes. This was in the middle of the day and I adjusted the panels to receive optimal sunlight.

Checkmark5 hours to fully charge the 8000mAh battery

Each of the five lights on the battery represents 20% capacity. I drained the battery charging my iPad. In direct sunlight, I was able to fully charge the battery in 4 hours and 58 minutes. Keep in mind it is new and your times may vary based off of sunlight, time of day, and panel exposure.

CheckmarkDual charge both phone and battery

While they do not have a time on their website, the trickle charge was fairly fast from 50% to 100% on my phone in about 47 minutes. I left the battery still charging but didn’t time it. Based on activities for the day, it was probably another three and a half to four hours to take the charge from 40% to 100%.

In the package:

  • One 14w SunJack (panels)
  • One 8000mAh SunJack Battery
  • One 2A Fast-Charge USB Cable
  • Tw0 Carabiners
  • Quickstart Guide
  • MSRP $150

One thing about the kit is it has a mesh pocket that holds the included charging cable and battery. I can easily store my iPhone charging cable in it as well.

When I need to be small, I carry just the charged battery for a backup to a fully charged device and the carabiners make it to where I can hang it where I need it, when I need it. Additionally, I can fold up some of the panels and clip them with the carabiner, should I need to be a little less conspicuous.

SunJack folded

I have added this to my daily gear and it is a tool that is moveable to both my vehicle and preps in my bug out gear. As I travel for a living, depending on the trip, I place it in my backpack or suitcase should the emergency need arise. The SunJack has also been added to my camping checklist.

2016-07-22 16.12.26 2016-07-22 16.12.17

After researching solar panels and charging kits over the past year, I feel this is definitely a good bang for the buck. Yes, the initial price might be a little steep for some but when looking at the cost comparison of dollars saved on batteries and power, I think this is a wise investment. It is also comparably priced to other items like this on the market.

Until then,

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