My Minimal Bushcraft / Scout Kit

My Minimal Bushcraft / Scout Kit

Minimal bushcraft kit

In my time outdoors, one of the things I like to do is go investigate. I look at trees, water, and all sorts of flora and fauna. For me it is just truly enjoying nature by being in it.

The question I get mostly is, “What do you carry with you?”. Occasionally, I let the camera guide me through my hike and will carry a charging cord and extra battery.

After many outings and calculating what I should and should not take, I came up with a fairly simple list. Do not forget the Companion Video below as well.

Shelter – usually a small tarp but a drum liner works well

Container – for water and that I can boil water in if need be

Knife – I carry both a sheath knife and a folding knife

Fire – typically I have a Bic lighter in one pocket and a ferro rod with my knife

Cordage – being that it is the most difficult to create, I usually keep a small 10’-15’ hank of it

Notebook – in case I need to remember anything such as direction or if I want to look up something in the reference books later. In an emergency, this is crucial to keep notes on someone else or myself.

First Aid Kit – I keep a small one in the bag for self-aid

Headlamp or Flashlight – while these are not in my bag, I have one on my person usually

And that is it. If I had to take this down to a smaller amount, I would probably ditch the notebook and first aid kit. Depending upon how long I plan to be out, I may leave the flashlight back at camp as well

If I were to add something, the next thing I would add would be a compass. While I hike using handrails and general direction, I could travel a little farther and outside my comfort zone with my compass.

What do you typically carry in your kit and do you have a minimal kit? Is there something you just must have for added comfort?


Until then,

Use your instincts to survive