Why Coffee Is Your Friend During A Doomsday Event

Why Coffee Is Your Friend During A Doomsday Event

Coffee for Doomsday

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Ways Coffee Can Help During a Doomsday Situation

When the end of civilization, as we know it, arrives there will be thousands of self- reliant people who are prepared to face the chaos. They are ready with the equipment, weapons, first aid essentials, and food to make due. However, there is one specific thing that is a must for all survivalists, coffee. In a post-apocalyptic world, coffee is the survival enthusiast’s best friend and worth far more than gold. Our society adores coffee to the point of dependence. An estimated one half to two-thirds of the population enjoys coffee on a daily basis. While it is difficult to pinpoint numbers, estimates as high as 60% of regular coffee drinkers are either physically or psychologically addicted to caffeine. Coffee is well known as an excellent source of caffeine, and some people would do almost anything to avoid the misery of caffeine withdrawals. Given its current popularity, it is easy to imagine how quickly coffee’s value will rise during a doomsday scenario.

There are several reasons all preppers need to stockpile well-sealed ground and instant coffee along with their other valuables.

  1. Coffee enhances alertness-

Ask any college student or member of the military, and they will tell you that coffee is nearly as essential as air when under stress and extremely tired. In a doomsday situation, alertness is critical. The extreme pressure of witnessing the end of society paired with fears for the future will be overwhelming to some people. Regardless of the situation’s weight, you must remain focused and alert, especially if you are leading your group of loved ones. The well-being of everyone in your household depends on your mental vigilance and coffee will keep you ready for the path that is ahead.

  1. Medicinal benefits-

It is a proven fact that coffee reduces headache pain. It also helps to relieve or diminish migraine headaches. Additionally, coffee will eliminate unpleasant withdrawal symptoms (like fatigue, lethargy, irritability, and severe headaches) for those who are dependent on caffeine. In a survival situation, it is wise to take advantage of everything that has health benefits.

  1. Psychological benefits-

Coffee drinkers associate a cup of coffee with a sense of well- being and comfort. Although drinking a cup of coffee in survival circumstances will not change the state of affairs, it will provide a short mental break from the strain of post-disaster life.

  1. Creative ways to use coffee grounds-

If you have a survival garden, coffee grounds will help enrich the soil. Improved soil will give you a higher yield of higher quality vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Coffee grounds are useful ant repellant and mixing cold grounds with soap exfoliates skin and deters fleas.

  1. Coffee used as currency-

Once the nation is in a state of collapse, paper money will have no value. After Doomsday, the United States dollar will have the same fate as the Confederate dollar after the Civil War. While many experts advise survivalists to stockpile gold and silver, coffee is a practical and less expensive item to stash. Due to its popularity, coffee could be sold or bartered with other survivors. Because law enforcement will be scarce or non-existent, having a supply of coffee could defuse a threatening situation if you encounter violent or confrontational people. Giving away a bit of coffee is much smarter than giving up your life.

You may not have thought about coffee can help by being a critical survival object while prepping for a worst-case scenario. As you can see, coffee can be your best friend in a Doomsday situation.

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