Experiencing The Outdoors Without Walls

Experiencing The Outdoors Without Walls

You can experience nature with no walls and still snuggled up in bed.

For many years, I used a hammock for fun. As I got older, I realized that there was more to camping than just sleeping in a tent. I had to modify my habits in order to truly enjoy nature. Thus began my love affair with my hammock system.

I slept many nights in a tent and one night I kept coughing due to sinus drainage during the change of the seasons. I decided to go and get in my hammock that I used for sitting in during the day. After a sound night’s sleep with no coughing, I woke up to squirrels playing all around me. Up and down the tree and along the ground.

As I watched the colorful birds jump from limb to limb while singing a morning song, I realized I was missing out on a whole other world. Snuggled up in my blanket, I watched the morning come to life as the sun peaked from behind the trees and slowly drying up the dew on the newly leaf growth. I was thankful I put a tarp over my blanket to keep the moisture off of me.

As the sun got higher, my stomach started growling for food. Hesitantly, I slowly slid the blanket off of me and made my way out of the hammock. The birds kept singing but they ultimately moved to another place to continue their day.

I urge you to GET OUTSIDE and see for yourself the beauty that surrounds you!


The images are burned in my mind and I enjoy sharing what I see every morning to those that camp with me. While I have not had a bear come into camp, deer, opossum, armadillo, squirrels, foxes and coyotes have all come to see me at one time or another. The latest visitor was a huge red-tailed hawk. Magnificent!