Gear Review: 3-Day Assault Military Backpack

Gear Review: 3-Day Assault Military Backpack

3-Day Assault Pack

It is like people and companies read my mind sometimes. I was looking for a larger pack and BANG! just like that Ray from MilitaryTrained.com reached out to me for a review of the 3-Day Assault Pack.

My response…Well of course!

I have to say with all the beating I ran it through, it held up well. Let’s get to some of the tests.

3-Day Assault Pack

Water Resistant. I threw some clothes in the pack and left it out in the Georgia storms. The center and rear pouches did well but the top front one had some dampness in the clothing. With that in mind, I know what to do and where to move my clothes.

The other thought about the 3-Day Assault Pack’s Water Resistance is just that…RESISTANT. I did mention I left it out in a storm so yes, of course it was going to be wet. I just wanted to see HOW wet.

Durability. This is always a fun test for me regardless of product. I threw it in the Jeep for a several day trip. This was after throwing it on the ground and running it through the brush. I pulled it out of the Jeep using the straps and not the trolley handle because I go straight from sitting to shoulder and not carrying it. (I did carry with the trolley handle later and the double-stitching proved to hold very well.)

In and out of the Jeep. Dropped on the ground. Dropped on the floor. Sub freezing temperatures. Ice and Snow. Rain and slush. And Georgia Heat. I wiped it down with a damp cloth and it looks as if I had not used it at all.

Loadout. When testing a 3-Day assault pack, one of the questions I usually get is, “What’s in the bag?”.

In the rear pouch, I put 3 days worth of clothing and an extra t-shirt, underwear, and socks, knowing I was going to encounter some weather.

It carried my laptop in the center pouch with the charging cord and some extra items I use for filming, writing, etc. If I do this again, I will add some padding to protect the corners of my laptop. Nothing happened, I just get a little paranoid.

The front two pouches held my Personal First Aid Kit (PFAK) and my notebook and journal. I threw a book in there as well just in case I actually had time to read. I read one paragraph on the whole trip.

It has a setup for a hydration bladder but because of the trip and providing for other people, I packed a case of water as opposed to using the bladder system. I did run mine through it and it fits just fine with a double hanger and velcro closure.

The straps and padding. I enjoy a comfortable backpack. Maybe I am sadistic but if it fits and feels nice, I have no problems putting both straps on and going. This is as opposed to throwing a single strap over the shoulder and carrying for short distances.

The back pad felt nice and comfortable. It is thick and with the mesh, it keeps me fairly cool while still retaining its absorbency if I do sweat.

The shoulder straps were also nice. They were wide and thick so they did not cut into my shoulders as I hoped they would not. This made it a very comfortable carry.

It does come with a sternum strap and waist strap. As for the waist strap, I would like to see a little bit of padding coming from the bag forward around my kidneys but it does not have that. Is that a bad thing? NO. It is just a thing I prefer.

All in all I give the MilitaryTrained.com 3-Day Assault Pack a huge thumbs up. I will definitely be running it for a while and if anything changes my mind about it, I will post it here.

Before I go, let me give you the facts from their website:

  • Military Tactical backpack size: 13″20″11″ / 3350.528CM (WHD)
  • Military backpack is made of 600D high-density fabric
  • Water resistant
  • Double-stitched, heavy duty zippers and utility-style cord pulls, Side and front load compression system, Ventilated mesh padded back area & shoulder strap, breathable and comfortable.
  • Capacity: 40L

You can purchase it here: https://militarytrained.com/product/3-day-assault-military-backpack/

Watch the accompanying video here that shows the details of all the pieces I left out such as the D-Rings, Office System, and inside pockets:

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