My Thoughts on The Warrior Tribe

My Thoughts on The Warrior Tribe

You may be disappointed but this is not another Primitive Skills post. Instead it is about real men and women who are trying to make a difference in their own lives in order to make a difference to those around them.

I had been looking for a group of like minded people, not just in the “bushcraft” world but in several aspects. After searching the web for very specific keywords so as not to come upon something that I had NO desire to see, I came upon the Order of Men (at this time, I do not know what they are doing or if it is still going). When thinking I needed to go above their free Facebook group and take my mind, body, and self, I found the cost was more than I could afford at the time.

I searched even further and I asked a buddy of mine about one I came across realizing he was in this other free Facebook group as well. After going back and forth with Clint about Mastery of Survival, I reached out to the head of The Warrior Tribe to get more details outside of what was on the website. I wanted real answers not something to get me excited and just buy into something I could not use.

Satisfied with the answers, I bought into the first month, one dollar Warrior Tribe Membership. I could cancel at any time (and still can). The next month would only cost me $20. And with no contract, I could swing that.

I jumped in with both feet and started interacting with the group and like any excited puppy with a new toy, I did the challenges. Oh yeah, the challenges.

While optional, the monthly Warrior Tribe challenges range based on the theme of the month. We have deliverables every week, deliverables for the overall month, and a “book of the month”. The entire goal is designed to help you with your body, mind, and whole self.

Where things started getting interesting was when the Warrior Tribe initiated the W.A.S.P. Program. Yeah, I know but that is not what it means. It stands for the Warrior Accountability & Strategy Program. The focus is to ensure you are on track with your own goals and in return check that you partner is too. This was an INCLUDED part of the program and helps ensure success.

The membership has now grown, as have the fees. They are still way reasonable with offerings for monthly, yearly, and lifetime.

In the words of Billy Mays, “But wait! There’s more!”.

They have created an offshoot program called Operation Optimize. I will probably do another write up on it because it is a LOT of information. But suffice it to say, it takes the “mind-body-self” to the next level including tactical plans including the topic of values, relationships, overall health, and even business.

The point of posting about the Warrior Tribe is to give you a push. If you are looking for a little more to help get you out of the mundane, then do it.

If you are bridging the gap from military service to civilian life, this is for you.

If you just want to challenge yourself, the Warrior Tribe has what you need.

There are plenty of testimonials but you can join in at the month-to-month level and try it. No contract. So just see if it scratches your itch and if not, do not renew. Simple as that.

And yes, the links above are for you to join if you want.

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive