Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle – Review

Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle – Review

Off-Grid HouseHow To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle by Tammy Trayer

I would first like to thank Tammy for her willingness to share this information with the public and for allowing me to review her work. I know there were many trials and tribulations with her health and making the life she desired for her and Austin and along with Glen, they have come out smelling like a rose.

How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle is a great journey into the path the Trayer family took to live their much sought after lifestyle. The book itself provides great insight and causes one to think about living off-grid as well as determining if it is right for the reader.

The format of the book is appealing because it starts by discussing what off-grid living is and moves towards how to decide what is right for the reader, how to do it, and even things to consider. I was able to review the soft copy so there were many links that allowed me to see exactly what Tammy was referring to in the text. Mix this with the many photographs from their personal experiences and it not only becomes an informative book but fun to read.

My wife and I have discussed many times over the years, and more often lately, the desire to live off-grid. While I know there are other books on homesteading and similar topics out there, this proves to be one I can use as a blueprint to help us along our journey.

Mrs. Trayer spells out the things they have done for income, why a budget and to-do lists are important, and their real-life trials and tribulations with how it affected them. It is no small task and embracing the off-grid lifestyle should not be something taken lightly. The story of them having to sell the goats while Tammy was sick was a heartache for them and the reader, but it was necessary.

Many of the pondering questions help guide the reader to determine the ins and outs of what to do, how to do, and even why live off-grid. The onset of explaining the different types or options of off-grid living will let you know quickly whether it is something achievable or desirable.

Deciding how to power any portion of the home if at all, was a very valuable question. Some may say solar as a first response but as Tammy points out, if you are surrounded by trees, it may not be an option. The same with wind if you are not in a naturally windy environment.

Deciding on property that fits your needs was another valuable chapter because it took me from the thought pattern of buying any free land to thinking about daily, weekly, and monthly usage. What may be considered great for someone else, may not be what I am looking for in property and resources.

I believe that this book is great not just from the informational content that spur conversations and cause one to think, but because she is a great story teller. I felt that while I was reading, I walked along with them. This makes for a fast, easy, and great reading book.

Again, I am thankful for the eye-opening experience of reviewing How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle and know I will use a lot of this information in the years to come. I pray the future journey for the Trayer family is a great and safe one. Keep up with them here: Trayer Wilderness and get updates on her writings and their adventures.

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