Trayer Wilderness Cookbook – Volume 1

Trayer Wilderness Cookbook – Volume 1

Trayer Cookbook V1After reading and reviewing How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle, I could not wait to see what kind of recipes Tammy Trayer would cook up in The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook Volume 1.

It is good to see that Tammy has done it again and provided more than I expected. She starts off with a small Introduction but quickly recommends how to set up your off-grid kitchen with Tips and Tricks. The benefit is the recommendations apply to any kitchen, not just one that is off-grid.

What I had not seen in a cookbook before this one is how to also use Essential Oils within the kitchen. She enlightens the reader on how to use them in recipes. For those not familiar with Essential Oils the definition is:

A natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.

Essential Oils are not just about smelling good but are full of health benefits from helping to combat anxiety to reducing stress levels and to even help you sleep. Not to mention, in the way Tammy uses them, they have to taste good!

One of the two main areas that really helped me to appreciate the cookbook were the insights provided around Gluten-free and Dairy-free recipes and how to work with those that have food intolerances. I do not have an intolerances but definitely can tell the days when I have had more gluten or dairy.

Many folks now are cooking with energy savers like Sun Ovens and Tammy has provided a section on cooking this way. This other main area is fascinating as I have wondered many times what accommodations would need to be made to cook in this fashion versus a regular oven. I guess I will just have to purchase a Sun Oven and find out first hand.

The recipe portion of the cookbook revolves around good wholesome eating while keeping it healthy. There is something to be said about a cookbook that gives you recipes for both snacks and candy but they are still recipes that are good for you.

In reading through the forty-three recipes she has provided, know that she has cooked every one of them multiple times. She has recipes for condiment alternates and alternates to her alternates. She gives great and helpful advice on cooking and how to prepare for using a wood stove.

Within the pages, I found several nuggets of wisdom, pros and cons of doing certain things, dehydrating, cookware, and the list goes on. This will be a great addition to your cooking library and is available in both digital and print versions.

Just the facts:

  • 107 pages
  • $5.99 kindle (Link below)
  • $12.99 print (Link below)
  • Available for Kindle Unlimited

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