Hybrid Z by A.L. White – Review

Hybrid Z by A.L. White – Review

Hybrid ZA.L. White continues to thrill us with the third in the Z Chronicles series with Hybrid Z. I fully believe that this is his best work yet. The book kept me guessing and hoping for the safety of the team and the new cast of characters.

Virginia and Lori along with their trusty dogs, Zeus and Perseus, continue to fight for their lives among the zombie hordes. After combining with more survivors, they continue to follow Bob’s clues to caches and search for safe places. As one would expect, they are faced with more choices and several close calls.

Even though each of them move with caution, the problem is bigger than the group realizes. After facing the Zombie 2.0 horde, there is a new threat. However, the issue at hand is not necessarily the new threat but how that threat impacts each and every one of them.


As the title implies, the concept of a hybrid zombie is throughout the book. This started when Lori was bitten and began changing. While Virginia and the dogs do their best to help her, they are all trying to survive which means the rest of the group is trying to help Lori cope with what she has become and ultimately what she is changing into.

The third installment seemed a quick read to me even though there were enough pages to prove otherwise. After speaking with Tony White, he indicated that there may another adventure with the group in late 2018. I guess we will have to wait to see.

Just the Facts:

  • 215 Pages
  • $2.99 Kindle –  Link below
  • $12.00 Paperback – Link below
  • $0.00 Kindle Unlimited

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