Dual Survival – Who is Matt Graham?

Dual Survival – Who is Matt Graham?

Matt GrahamRecently there has been an influx of questions regarding Matt Graham. This is not unreasonable since he was named the new co-host of Discovery’s “Dual Survival”. For those that did not know, Cody Lundin is no longer on the show. I will not get into the details over Cody leaving but let us just say, you could see it coming or the show’s cancellation.

I originally started watching “Dual Survival” when Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundin were co-hosts four seasons ago. After enjoying Dave’s methods and skills, I was able to start sharpening some of my own skills. What I didn’t realize is, as I was watching, I was learning from Cody as much as I was from Dave. It wasn’t until the middle of season two that I realized what was happening and I was watching, not just for the interaction between the hosts and gathering tips, but acting like a sponge for the bushcraft knowledge or rather primitive skills that were being shown. I would start trying things on my own in order to hone those skills I already had as well as trying to build some newer skills.

I have full respect for both Dave and Cody and thank them for all they taught during the seasons they hosted. I continually check their websites, books and videos in order to continually learn.

Fast forward to present day. Our co-hosts are now Joe Teti, former special operations for a private contractor and Matt Graham, wilderness survival and traditional living skills instructor at True Nature Sustainable Farm and Education Center.

Joe has been on the show with Cody for a season plus the four episodes this season and has truly proven himself, not that he needs my approval anyway. A man now enters and some circles have actually heard of him. I personally had to do some extensive research to find out who he was because it is not like someone posted his resume for everyone to freely see on one site like LinkedIn.

Matt comes to “Dual Survival” with a history of wilderness training. He has also been a star on another Discovery television show, “Dude, You’re Screwed“. But Matt started as a triathlete and rock climber in his mid teens, as well as being a cross-country or rather long distance runner and walker. An amazing fact is Matt also competes as a World Class Master of the atlatl. That in itself is rather impressive to me as I have a hard time just throwing the dang thing but he can hit a target with his eyes closed.

While the resume piles up with qualifications, I think my favorite fact about Matt is he has been a consultant on the show “Survivor Man” with Les Stroud. I will say, Les’ show is the one show that got me hooked and my hat is off to Mr. Stroud for all of his accomplishments. Needless to say, I’m a fan.

Maybe all of this is to say, if he is a consultant for THE Les Stroud, does that not warrant a chance to show us what he has to offer on “Dual Survival”? With a warm smile and a voice that sounds like the painter Bob Ross painting “happy little clouds”, I am willing to endure the rest of this season to see what happens when Joe’s type A personality meets Matt’s yet to be determined type.

I hope this sheds a little light on the subject.

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive