Book Review – The Lightbearers by Nora Garcia

Book Review – The Lightbearers by Nora Garcia

LightBearersLet me start by saying this is not the type of book I usually review. If you are looking for survival, apocalyptic or zombies, this is not the review I am writing. HOWEVER, if you are looking for a well written story that passes through different times with world domination as the theme, this book is right up your alley.

Nora M. Garcia has done an excellent job of providing a mix of the paranormal, evil geniuses, and robots, into one thrilling story around a couple that removes the boundary of a single life. The Lightbearers starts off with proving Jean and George Crystal are not your average people. They have been tasked with being guardians of humanity and to enlighten those they come in contact with.

As you are taken through 3300 years, you are shown how George and Jean, originally an Egyptian King and Queen named Akhenaton and Nefertiti, can cross all boundaries to ensure they accomplish their given task. One portion, and this is not a spoiler since it is in the book description on Amazon.com, is when, in one lifetime, they actually switch genders. Although a great concept and interesting point, as a guy, I still struggled with that part. 🙂

At the beginning of the book, you are taken into the lab of the evil scientist, Doctor Adam Natas and come to realize that Jean is being held against her will. The trials that she goes through in the lab are not gruesome but it is explained in a manner that a young teen would be able to understand but not be grossed out. All that to say, this book is safe for young teens with the understanding that the words “love making” and “making love” are used.

Though the life challenges they face, some good and some not, you will come to bond with the two characters and feel their emotions. Nora has done a great job at building the characters and can use that to her advantage should she write another book.

You will see that it takes incredible determination for the heroes to save the world and to what lengths they will go to in order to make it happen.

Closing thoughts and facts:

I was honored and pleased that I was asked to review her book despite it not being my average book. I think it was easy to read and a great respite from the pace of lifestyle I lead. I do look forward to her future work.

If you are wary of the paranormal, astral projection or anything close to that, this is still a great book. I personally do not submit to the fact it is possible, however, Nora has done a great job of not letting it overpower her writing excellence. I was pleased with the book overall and I believe you will, also.

  • 261 pages
  • Kindle – $3.49
  • Print – $10.95


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