Book Review – Iron Mountain by Daniel Haight

Book Review – Iron Mountain by Daniel Haight

Iron MountainJim Westfield is back in an all new adventure with Iron Mountain. While the cast of characters picks up from the previous story, Flotilla, there is enough background information at the beginning and scattered throughout the book that this book could stand on it’s own.

I personally enjoy a story that has maps to help orient me from the beginning. Haight doesn’t leave me wanting in this regard. From physical location within the U.S. and along the coastline, to a layout of what the Colony looks like, I am well aware of all surroundings and placement to aide me to follow along with the story.

Jim and his sister “Maddy” Madison, have to learn the ins-and-outs of their new location, Colony D while still reeling from the events that transpired on Colony C. This in itself proves tedious. However, when you mix the wake of destruction left behind by their father, Rick, all plans get turned upside down and shaken beyond all belief.

While battling the “bad guys”, Jim and Maddy encounter a new cast of characters and life events. Events such as biological warfare, the collapse of society and just being able to survive daily while fighting for their lives at some points prove to be more than they can bear. Being a former drunk, I can relate to some of these battles and I repeat some. I have not encountered a biological attack such as described within the pages by the author.

The common goal for the siblings is to find their parents. Their dad, Rick and mom, Theresa, along with her husband Marty, are somewhere out in the fray and finding them becomes Jim’s top priority all while keeping both he and his sister alive and out of danger.

Without giving away the story, I want you to think of yourself as a 15 year old and all the actions and thoughts that surround you at that age. Now put yourself in an environment that would cause you to squirm even at your current age. How would you handle yourself or interact with those around you?

Outside of the maps, my personal favorite thing about this book was the style. While I can get easily bored with stories that do not hold my attention, Iron Mountain did not do that and would lull ever so briefly only to quickly put me back into the middle of some action filled event. Whether it was trouble that Jim was getting into or something that was going on with the new cast of characters, I was able to stay engaged within the pages of the book.

Just the facts:

  • Kindle Price: $4.99
  • Paperback: $14.95 list (currently $14.29 on Amazon.com)
  • Pages: 357

I can without a doubt recommend Iron Mountain as well as it’s predecessor, Flotilla. The author takes you on a journey that I do not believe has been done to this day. With fresh thoughts and ideas around mariculture and seasteading, Daniel Haight’s plan of writing “real stories for real people” couldn’t have been more successful.

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