Xcursion Fusion Boots Review

Xcursion Fusion Boots Review

Let’s talk about feet. As an outdoorsman, I need something I can rely on. But here, in the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana, I need something a little more than just a tool that gets by instead of doing the job. I need my gear to be dependable. 

I mean, imagine walking around on a mountain, miles from civilization, and having your gear crap out on you. Sure I plan for it, but I don’t want to have to duct tape my boots just to cut my trip short and come off the mountain. 

This is why I am thankful for my Xcursion Fusion hiking boots from Xero Shoes*. I ran them through several tests and I think my findings will prove very interesting.

Xero Waterproof Hiking Boots

The Facts about the Xcursion Fusion

Name: Xcursion Fusion
Usage: Waterproof hiking boot
Upper Material: Abrasion-resistant mesh and PU
Insole: Removable 3mm Athletic EVA insole
Lining: Polyester
Outsole Height and Lugs

  • Lugged FeelTrue® sole
  • Hidden 3mm TrailFoam™ layer
  • 3.5mm lugs

Stack Height: 11mm

  • Men’s: 13.2oz per shoe
  • Women’s: 9.9oz per shoe

The Tests of the Xcursion Fusion

In testing, we are still in winter which means snow. While a normal pair of hiking boots are typically tested on dirt or rocky terrain, not this time; Snow, large river rocks, mud, dirt, and ice.

After lacing up my boots that have two speed hooks per side, I walked around the house to get the feel of them. I loved the lightweight, wide toe box boot. They even made me wonder if I was actually wearing shoes. 


Xcursion Fusion by Xero Shoes

Although I usually plan things carefully when I’m reviewing a product, this was one of those where I just jumped into it. 18” of snow and the Xcursion Fusion met the challenge. Oh, sure the top of my socks and pant legs were wet but my feet and more importantly my socks were not. In other words, dry where I was supposed to be dry seeing as these are waterproof. For continued use, I plan on purchasing gaiters to counteract the snow on the top portion of my socks and pants.

Tromping through the snow, the lugs did a tremendous job. But I needed to run them through normal testing. 


Down by the river, I started stepping on large rocks that stay slippery. My other boots would just slide right off, but the Xcursions held up to the task with minimal slipping. For the smaller river rocks, they were champions. One thing, in particular, is the turning of an ankle which can end an excursion quickly. With the placement and height of the boot shaft, my feet rebounded several times with no twisted ankle. Not bad for a shaft just above the ankle bone.


Even as I kid, I loved to play barefoot in the mud. The Xcursion Fusion apparently likes it too. I took them through some snow-melted, cold mud. Expecting to slip a little, I decided to slide my feet through the mud then start walking around in it like a child. It seems that no matter how much I went through the mud, the lugs were wide enough to empty themselves and keep taking on more. The spacing on the lugs brought back childhood memories that I thought were long gone.


Xcursion Fusion by Xero Shoes

Dirt and mud are what I see a boot being made for. Xero shoes did a fantastic job at keeping this in mind. Inclines declines and normal flat land absorbed every step to where I felt the ground but not uncomfortably. The thickness of the sole kept the sharp rocks from poking me but still gave me enough sensation in my feet that I knew I was walking in the woods. Again, another challenge accepted and conquered with my Xcursion Fusion boots*.


Being a bit of a daredevil, I decided to try the Xcursion Fusion boot in a place where they should never go. To put it mildly, without crampons, ice wins. This is the same for every boot I’ve worn and tried over the years. Boots without specific lugs, spikes, or the addition of crampons do not stand up to ice. So, I threw on my crampons and as expected, no issues. 

Summary and Ranking

Overall, I love these boots. They are great for the area I live in and even where I used to live in the southeast. The wilderness in both areas could not seem to dish out enough punishment for the Xcursions. I look forward to a very long relationship with gear that I can trust. 

Even though I added all the things that are important in testing a boot, I’ll add a few more items that may help sway you…if you needed it.

  • They are vegan, which means animal protected and no part used in the making of these boots.
  • Reflective strips surround the overall boot including the lace holes.
  • The support straps that are a feature of Xero shoes are on the inside, not external.
  • In all the trials, outside of mud, I did not have to clean the lugs. And to clean them after the mud, I just walked in more snow.

WILMMUT RankingXcursion Fusion by Xero Shoes

Out of all of the tests I threw at the Xcursion Fusion boots by Xero Shoes*, I would definitely let my mother use this product. Again, it is gear that is trusted and reliable. But of course, it’s Xero shoes and what I have come to expect from them. So I expected nothing less than a high score. They just happened to get a rare perfect score from the ranking system.

*I am proud to be a Xero Shoes affiliate and may receive compensation for referring the Xero Shoes Brand.
I have received the Xcursion Fusion boots in exchange for a fair and honest review from Xero Shoes.

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  1. I’ll definitely check them out!
    Bought some good hiking shoes three years ago. They are still going strong, but I need new boots.