Book Review – Mobile Solar Power by Paul Holmes

Book Review – Mobile Solar Power by Paul Holmes

I know very little about the subject but was able to post a review about Solar Power after reading this book. Please take a moment to read and if possible, purchase this book.

Keep in mind, as of this writing: 01/10/21 it is free on Kindle Unlimited and available here:



Mobile Solar Power

Complete Guide from A-eZ

In looking for more information around Solar Power and the flexibility it offers, Mobile Solar Power provided great instruction. This book offers everything from a beginner level introduction, to how to crimp a cable, and ends at troubleshooting and maintenance.

While most engineers have a difficult time staying out of the techno-babble, the authors have been able to take a complex subject and help guide the reader learn about solar power. The book takes them to the point of full installation after they have planned, sized, and designed their system in a very simple manner with great examples.

One of the main things I enjoyed about this book, was that the authors did not tell you what to purchase, size, or install. Instead they showed the reader how to determine and size what they need for the application they were wanting. This applied to off-grid, on-grid, RVs, houses, and even boats. The information in these pages apply to any type of design imaginable at a very easy to understand level. 

I am very pleased to add this book to my reference library and will be used frequently for my different needs and applications.

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