Review – TRW Black Tea

Review – TRW Black Tea

TRW Black TeaAlthough I am primarily a coffee drinker, I was asked if I would be willing to try some special black tea. Reluctantly, I agreed after being assured it was strong enough to match the way I like my coffee. And they were right.

TRW Fair Trade Imports, provided me with a 2oz. Brew Kit which included 2 ounces of long leaf, black tea, a reusable cotton filter (infuser), and the bag it was shipped in. At one point in my life, I drank green tea or brown rice tea since they were the specialty of Japan. I also have had Earl Grey and a ginger-peach tea but none of the ones I have had were anything more than just a pre-packaged tea bag and you throw it in some hot water.

GHAST! How dare!

Yes, I know. Please refer back to the first sentence. Thankfully my son is a tea drinker and between him and the help of William Longnecker from TRW, I was able to truly enjoy the black long leaf tea.


While not the professional connoisseur of tea, I will list out my notes and you can decide for yourself.

Black Tea only: strong with a good bite and hint of anise to provide a pleasant aftertaste.

Black Tea with milk: GOOD MIX. The milk removed most of the aftertaste and replaced it with a smooth tingling sensation after being precluded by the strong bite of the initial sip.

Pairings: dark chocolate or semi-sweet cookies such as a shortbread or breakfast type loaf bread (e.g. banana walnut loaf). I am not sure I would use this to counter a sweet dessert or treat. I could see it being used to pair with a strong cheese such as a farmhouse cheddar, a gouda, or even a stilton. I might even pair it the next time I have some goat cheese.

General notes: I think this tea would be good for mornings and as an after dinner beverage and could definitely replace coffee for some folks. The package comes with conversation starters in order to overcome any awkward silence moments:

TRW Conversation Starters


My son and I had good conversations over tea without the starters and to my recollection, this is one of the main reasons for tea in the first place.

It is a Fair Trade Tea which means fair product for fair wages. From the included card:


About TRW

Anyway, I think it is worth trying. From a preparedness stand point, it is always good to have more than one thing to count on and if I run out of coffee, then this is what I would replace it with.

Enjoy your family and friends and definitely great conversations over a warm beverage.

Until then,

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