For Us The Living – Book Review

For Us The Living – Book Review

For Us The LivingRecently I was given a free review copy of “For Us The Living: Judgement Day” by R.A. Peters. While there has been a move to do less and less book reviews, I still like a good story and definitely a good book. The main problem I have is, like most movies, there is nothing new under the sun. You know, the world ends, people struggle to get home or back to their families, and for the most part survive. Most books and movies end with them thriving and not just surviving.

Maybe that is just a fact that sells books and movies. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just a thing. A series, even though it follows the same premise, leaves you with enough to get you hooked for the next one. Well, that is just great because that is EXACTLY what happened to me with “For Us The Living: Judgement Day”.

I had been looking for a decent book, not series, that features a more military format simply because I like them. I do not mind the mother/father/sister/brother getting back to their home, but I wanted a little more tactical development in a book. R.A. Peters did not disappoint.

“Judgement Day” started off with an apocalyptic scenario and two main story lines. The first is of SFC Danielle Walker, part of the U.S. Army SOCOM (Special Operations Command) on a rescue mission in Yemen when an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) hit. This resulted in many systems not working unless they were truly EMP hardened under Military Specifications (MILSPEC).

At the same time, her husband, Peter Dixon, starts off in Jacksonville Beach, Florida with Danielle’s daughter Rachel. Even though chaos ensues, Peter has been somewhat preparing for things like this scenario. The issue is, he was not prepared for what was coming and did not seemed prepared to also have his stepdaughter in tow.

Both Danielle and Peter try to continue doing their task at hand regardless of the strenuous and arduous journeys they both encounter. Danielle must help her team and encounter many other military groups to aid in this endeavor. Meanwhile Peter must insure that in all things, Rachel stays safe.  After all, I cannot imagine what Danielle would say if something happened to Rachel on Peter’s watch.

My difficult task is not to spoil anything about the book. Other than what you can read on the Amazon website and any other reviews, I will say this, the facts are fairly well researched, there are exceptions, and the story has some good tidbits of takeaway knowledge. This book should be considered both post apocalyptic and… science fiction. As I mentioned earlier, there is nothing new under the sun, the exception is the concepts used within this story and hopefully the rest of R.A. Peter’s books.


  • 258 pages
  • $9.99 paperback on Amazon.com
  • $0.00 Kindle Unlimited (Subscribers)
  • $3.99 Kindle Unlimited (to buy)

I look forward to the next in the series and say this to the author: “Well done sir!”

Until then,

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