The Next Phase of the Journey

The Next Phase of the Journey

If you are not caught up, you may want to start here.

It has been a difficult few weeks of keeping things under wraps. The pain inside knew it was the right thing to do, just not what I wanted to do. We had to make sure that all the right people knew via the right methods of delivery such as personally informing our parents as opposed to them reading it on social media. 

But who knew where that would lead? Ultimately, I think it turned out great. After long consideration, research, and debate, Instinct Survivalist Wilderness Skills is moving to the mountains of Montana. Well, along with family.

So what does this mean?

The plan, although not complete yet, is simple. Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and the smallest baby bear will be moving to Montana the first half of 2019. At that point, we will own a ranch style house in the mountains with plenty of land to expand the Instinct Survivalist Wilderness Skills school. This along with better places to shoot videos, will provide us with what we are looking for in a forever home and the business venture.

I will actually go back to college and focus on Conservation and Erosion with a minor in Anthropology and both Wilderness and Mountain Studies.

While there are a lot of details not listed here, let’s just say, we have a lot of things in the works to help expand business and our way of life.

But why Montana?

Simply put, MOUNTAINS. I love the Appalachian and Smoky Mountains because it is what I know. Growing up in the Eastern Woodlands, it is comforting. However, after a trip to Northern Colorado and seeing the steepness of the mountains jutting out from underneath the pavement, I was hooked. I started researching and looking only to think it was a pipe dream. 

But the misses slipped up and said something about moving to Colorado and I asked if it was truly an option. After confirming, I pushed my luck just a little and asked about Montana because of the Rockies and the wide open skies. 

She started looking at websites for houses and land and kept getting more and more excited. We agreed. It was a good thing to do. 

So what is the next step?

First a visit. The biggest hurdle that we are worried about it altitude sickness. I have no issues with the height but Mama Bear has never been that high, so we are planning a trip to test the waters. 

Oh and on top of that, I’ll be heading to RabbitStick in Idaho to socialize and learn. That will definitely be an exciting trip. 

I guess all in all, just hold on. More news is coming and I’ll update you when I can. Thanks for all you do.

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive