The 9 Things You Need For A Scout Kit

The 9 Things You Need For A Scout Kit

The 9 Things You Need For A Scout Kit

When I say scout, I am not referring to the BSA. I am referring to moving and checking out what lies ahead. This is where the 9 things you need for a scout kit come into play.

Before we get into the 9 things, let’s talk about scouting as a whole. 



You’ve seen an old western and watched as a Native American moves stealthily through the woods. He stops every so often and looks in the distance, up in the trees and even down at the ground. Because of this, the brave warrior is able to look for wild game, a new place for his people, or at extremes, his enemy.

When he stops to do those three things, he sees what may be hiding in the bushes or trees. As a result, he sees what had been in the area by looking at tracks and poop.

When standing still, the first thing he does is look around very slowly to ensure he is in no immediate danger and then listens. He listens to the wind, the bushes and the trees. At some point, he even sniffs the air for smells that are not supposed to be there.


A modern comparison is the traits of a recon scout.  They move slowly to find camps, persons or danger for other troops. In the Armed Forces, there are many names this group is called depending on the specific branch. While I won’t list them off, I am using recon scouts in a general sense.

So you can see some of the reasons why moving slowly and moving silently is crucial when you are scouting an area for hunting, camping, or true survival.

One last note before we get to the 9 things you need for a scout kit. You may wonder why scouting a camping site would need to be done stealthily.

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