3 reasons why you should eat bugs

3 reasons why you should eat bugs

Eat Bugs - Ant Colony

I know. As you read the title you are saying, “Eeeewwww GROSS! There are zero reasons why I should eat bugs!” And you may be right, but I want to at least provide 3 reasons why you should eat bugs and maybe you’ll see things a little differently.

The first time I ate a bug was on a dare. Someone presented me with a grasshopper and said eat it. Never one to shy away from a challenge, I took it and popped it into my mouth and started chewing. The initial crunch was like a pretzel. However, the rest was not even close. 

The texture for the rest of the dare was somewhat familiar in that it was like eating butter beans which I dislike immensely. A little firm but the taste was edible but not something I wanted to do again. 

After the chewing was done, I did what all little boys do to gross people out, I opened my mouth with chewed food on my tongue. Even the person that dared me cringed. In one motion, I pulled my tongue back in and swallowed.

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