Review – Roadside Emergency Kit

Review – Roadside Emergency Kit

Roadside Emergency KitSurvivalhax.com has done it again. They have released a 92 piece, affordable, fairly complete, Roadside Emergency Kit.

Now you make ask, based on that last sentence, “What do you mean by fairly complete?”. Before I place this bag in the car and call it complete, I will add a full size set of pliers and both a Phillips and Flathead screwdriver. The 9-in-1 multi-tool does have both types of screwdrivers, but for me, I prefer the full size. If I were asked about adding just one item, it would be a pair of pliers.

That being said, with all the gear that comes with this, including the 54 piece first aid kit, there is not much you cannot accomplish. The assumption is made that you have a jack and lug wrench for changing the actual tire, but the kit provides both gloves and an emergency reflective triangle along with the reflective strips on the bag to ensure safety.

Some of the items they have added are thinking outside the box. As an example, the flashlight that is provided is a hand press flashlight. This means no batteries to worry about and a child can actually press the lever in order to charge the LED bulbs. Sometimes giving a child a little task like that, helps alleviate a lot of stress on both the child and the parents.

They provided glow sticks which was an added benefit but add to it, a long lasting emergency candle and a ferro rod for building fires. I pray that no one has to be in that type of situation but it makes things a little easier knowing that if I am there for the long haul, I have fire and because of the mylar and other emergency blanket, I will be nice and cozy.

From a tool set side, the list is fairly long:

  • Bungee Cords x 3
  • Jumper Cables x 1
  • Cable Ties x 15
  • PVC Tape x 1
  • Flashlight x 1
  • Fire Starter Flint x 1
  • Long Candle x 1
  • Gloves with grippers x 1
  • 9 in 1 Multitool x 1
  • Tire Pressure Guage x 1
  • Reflective Safety Vest x 1
  • Light Sticks x 2
  • 8″ Crescent Wrench x 1
  • 9 Foot Tow Rope x 1
  • Reflective Warning Triangle x 1
  • Rain Poncho x 1
  • Glassbreaker / Seatbelt Cutter Tool x 1
  • Emergency Whistle x 1

Add to this the First Aid Kit List:

  • Gauze Pads x 4
  • Band-Aids x 20
  • Alcohol Prep Pad x 6
  • Tourniquet x 1
  • Antiseptic Wipes x 4
  • Scissors x 1
  • First-Aid Tape x 1
  • Metal Tweezers x 1
  • Mylar Blanket x 1
  • Elastic Bandage (small) x 1
  • Elastic Bandage (large) x 1
  • PVC Gloves x 1
  • Triangle Bandage x 1
  • Cotton Balls x 5
  • Safety Pins x 6

I tested out several pieces of gear for stress to see what would happen. What I would normally see as the weakest piece of gear turned out to be one of the better ones. The crescent (adjustable) wrench torqued in and had no visible signs of stress once I completed the task. I have seen many adjustable wrenches that would either strip out the gear, spread to where the claw was not usable, or the head just snap off.

The multi-tool is made like a Swiss Army Knife and its blades were actually sharp, which came as another surprise. I have run into many of these where the blades were no sharper than a butter knife found at a thrift store.

One of the main questions I get asked around things like this is would I let my wife or children depend on it. Knowing that I have tested it so they would hopefully not need it, I would definitely add this to their vehicles. I am very pleased with this kit and because it is lightweight at only five pounds, I do not have to worry about my wife lugging this thing out in order to deal with an emergency. And at $50, it is an affordable piece of gear that you can add to all of your vehicles or give as Christmas gifts.

Great job SurvivalHax.com

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