Review – Nefertem: The Awakening

Review – Nefertem: The Awakening

Nefertem: The Awakening (Book 1)

I have followed Tony White’s writings from the onset and the continual increase of stories in his imagination makes me wonder, is he really an alien. With his latest work, and first in the series, I am starting to lean towards that thought pattern.

Nefertem: The Awakening takes place after the destruction of what we know as earth. This introduction to the dystopian novel series starts with a now civilianized Marine, Easton Miller in a crappy job. Wanting a better life, he jumps at the chance to improve his circumstances by taking a job on Nefertem.

Although he is nervous about the new adventure, Easton is excited to see things he has never seen and make new acquaintances. After running into an old friend, things start to change for Easton and his circumstances become life or death for his and the newly met friends. It is then, that he falls back into what he knows as a Marine only to find, that life is not what is in store for him.

A.L. White continues his path of improving the building of main characters in his books as well as painting a picture of what we are to visually see. His writing style of “no fluff” is something that draws me in to every story he has written and I hope he never ceases to do so.

Constant action from cover to cover brings the reader in and never leaves them hanging. With twists and turns on every page it is somewhat difficult to “see it coming”. Without spoiling the ending, there is enough of a tag to lead you to the next book in the series, but not enough to give it away. You will want to move straight to the next book once you have finished “The Awakening”.

I personally cannot wait for Mr. White to finish the follow-on book in the series.

Great job sir!

Just the Facts:

  • 156 pages
  • Kindle Unlimited: Free
  • Purchase: $2.99

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