Review – Legacy Food Storage

Review – Legacy Food Storage

Legacy PackagesI have alway enjoyed giving new products a try. It could be because I like to eat but I especially enjoy it when Food Storage companies ask me to do a review. That was the case for Legacy Food Storage and I am VERY happy that I accepted their Premium Food items.

For starters, they sent me several different types of things to try:

  • Stroganoff
  • Pasta Alfredo
  • Maple Oatmeal with Brown Sugar
  • Old Fashioned Pancake Mix
  • Enchilada Beans and Rice

I will start by saying, as I do with all long-term food storage items, I put one on the shelf. This time it was the Pasta Alfredo.


I grew up eating beef stroganoff and was always very happy when we would have it, mainly because it was not Hamburger Helper. Mom made it from scratch. After tasting the Legacy Food Storage version, I was reminded of my childhood with the exception of one thing. It has onion in it. While I am not a fan of onion, it really did taste good and I went back for more. With its “just add water” package, this made cooking a cinch.

Maple Oatmeal with Brown Sugar

This was the first one in the list to try because I could take it outside and cook it on the campfire. A little confession, I added a pat of butter to mine, but the flavor was good and I didn’t have to worry about all of the other crap that I would get from someone like Quaker Oats. This was also, “just add water”.

Old Fashioned Pancake MixOld Fashioned Pancake Mix

I was thinking this was going to be another “just add water” mix but they recommended oil as well. So I tried it both ways. I prefer my pancakes in a cast iron skillet so that the edges get nice and crispy. By adding oil, it didn’t change much except what I would perceive it was for is to prevent the batter from sticking to the pan. With my well seasoned skillet, neither time was the flavor different or the actions due to oil. I would actually take this one out with me on the trail as well.

Enchilada Beans and Rice

This was my hands down favorite! Although these packages make 4 servings, I broke it down into two servings each time. The first time, I added andouille sausage and hot sauce to the mix after tasting just the meal alone. I looked at the package as a base, not as a finality but I did try it normal before I added things. With nothing added, it has a great flavor. HOWEVER, I like kicking things up a little and the addition of sausage left me and my son dreaming of the next time to cook it.

The second round was not too much different in that I added leftover taco meat (ground beef) and again, my favored hot sauce. Once again, my son and I were waiting for the next meal. Unfortunately, it only makes 4 servings and we finished off the bag. Yet again, “just add water” to the rescue meaning this package will be purchased and used on the trail.

Overall Impressions

Let me start with a four word phrase that I really appreciate for any product out there…”MADE IN THE U.S.A”! Any company that makes their products in the U.S.A. have the first vote in the bag.

Taste – Each meal tasted fantastic! It was not hard to encourage myself to go make another meal from one of the packages. With their “just add water” abilities and great taste, it is too easy to make a meal for a family or just for self.

Packaging – While I try not to speak negatively about any product, there was one thing I wish I could change. Each package had the way to prepare it for 4 servings and for 2 servings which I thought was great. But if I am going to make only 2 servings, I would like to be able to reseal the pouch. This was not an option so each time I would take a chip clip or a plastic zippered bag and seal it back up. While inconvenient, it is just my preference.

ContentsCAUTION – Each pouch has an oxygen absorber included in it. Make sure you remove it before you make the meal. All of the ingredients are Non-GMO, No MSG Added, GMO Free , Uses Sea Salts , No Tran Fats , Vegetarian Friendly. This is great because I do not want to have to worry about that kind of crap if the end of the world is happening and I have to fight for my place in the clan. Seriously though, this is a big deal. I do not have to warn you about GMOs but all the other stuff we could do without as well.

Closing Thoughts

I have tried several different food storage options. Several of them have made claims of great taste and a 25 year shelf life. I liked the taste of these as opposed to two other companies I have dealt with (one does not even have a review on this site). Legacy Food Storage does a great job of offering discounts, subscriptions, and taking care of their customers. I think it is well worth trying it for yourself. While checking out their site, I did see a Bannock Entree Sample Kit that you can cook in the pouch. I will be trying these along side my bannock recipe.

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive

To see some of the other product reviews, check out this link for the Product Reviews page.

P.S. This is the feedback from Legacy Food regarding closures and meat.

People always want single serving packages: If food storage companies packaged in single serving packages, they would be pricier than they are now.  This is why all companies do multiple servings and some even choose the big cans!  Packaging costs are ridiculously priced in this industry. Just like the smaller packages at the grocery store vs. the larger – sometimes the smaller ones are not all that much cheaper than the bigger ones!

Why no zip seal? Legacy consciously chose NOT to put a zip seal on the package which would only increase that package cost to the customer. There are only 4 servings to a package and if you don’t eat all 4 just use a chip clip to close.  You have up to 2 weeks (no refrigeration for dry ingredients)  to prepare the remaining portion which is easy to do, even for one person.

This is another way Legacy can keep their cost down and still remain competitive with other companies yet providing a better product and larger servings.  Looking at it another way, other companies which have the zip close, give you less food, sometimes more additives and are still priced like us or higher!  Most people prefer more food when they find out. :o)

Regarding no meat in meals:  Food storage meat is very expensive if you have ever looked at it. The majority of companies either put a little meat in the meal to satisfy, or they use the inexpensive Textured Vegetable Protein.  Meat eaters will always want more!

We do sell meat as a side package so customer can add as much or little as they want.  Its 100% beef or chicken.

You might think then protein is an issue?  With Legacy, there is still comparable protein from the beans and cheeses.  Example: I actually compared our stroganoff (no meat) with Mountain house stroganoff and our protein is the same but we give you 1/2 cup larger portions.  Wise Foods stroganoff has the TVP, smaller portions and less protein.

“When I make for my family, I always add meat as there never is enough!  I also add extra veggies, and other sides to make the meal more like something we would normally eat,  which is what all food storage companies suggest and some even offer packages like this.  Adding sides, drinks, & familiar spices to up the calories and mimic a regular meal we all would have is always the goal.”