Pike Trail Pocket Blanket Review

Pike Trail Pocket Blanket Review

Pike Trail Pocket Blanket Review

In each of my kits, I house a type of shelter. In one it is a tarp and in another, I keep a drum liner. While there is nothing wrong with using a drum liner for shelter, the Pike Trail Pocket Blanket is now replacing this for a shelter item.

One of the things that makes the Pike Trail Pocket Blanket worthy of replacing a tried and true drum liner is the size. Sure I can fold a drum liner and eventually, and awkwardly, place it in my pocket but there is not a good reason to do so. The Pike Trail Pocket Blanket has a handy stuff sack complete with carabiner and reinforced attachment points along the edges. Even without the sack, the palm sized blanket would fit nicely in my pocket with very little bulk.

Unfolded this blanket is 56″x60″ and each corner has a flap that can be used for placing a stick, staff, or pole to raise it for the shelter. Now I do understand this is a blanket so it can be used as ground cover, but I always ask for more in my gear. Pike Trail provided that.

Let’s start with rip stop nylon then ensure it is 100% waterproof and add the fact that the Pike Trail Pocket Blanket is puncture and tear resistant. All of this is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The first time I actually unfolded it, I needed a ground cover for some children playing on the wet ground at an event where I was teaching a class. It worked great but it did not overly impress me because it was billed as a blanket. That is when I decided I needed to put it through some paces.


Well the ground was wet and the kids stayed dry so again, too easy and not impressive. I could do that with my drum liner. I also poured water on it and it beaded up and ran right off when I lifted the tarp.

Puncture / Tear Resistant.

Now we are getting somewhere. I did accidentally sit on the blanket with both my sidearm and fixed blade poking into it as well as my side. So I used a couple of sticks to see what I could do. CRAP, they did not punch through. I finally made one very sharp and yes, it did go through after pushing for a good minute. This would definitely simulate a falling stick or having it as a ground tarp and not removing sticks underneath it.


While I can always go for a larger size, the pocket blanket will fit to adults side by side. Now if I wanted to make a weird configuration shelter such as a Plow Point, it would be a little more difficult and a lot smaller than I would want. I would either use it for a regular cover or an impromptu lean-to.


While it is not designed or needed to be a massive shelter, the Pike Trail Pocket Blanket is versatile. Mix that with the guarantee and the ability to throw it in a bag or pack, the options are fairly open. The best part is for under $20 you can get two or three for your EDC, BOB, or car kit.

The one I had was the original Gray and Orange, but they just released a beach one that is yellow and blue. Both can be found at the link below for $17.98 at the time of this post.

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