It’s Getting Closer!

It’s Getting Closer!

I sit at my computer looking over my to-do lists. It is early. Not Navy Seal (0430) but 0630 early.

The lists can get a little overwhelming. Yes, it is plural because it is dependent on what area of focus I am working on.

The fragrance of the strong, dark coffee hits me and am reminded of how fresh the cup is when the steam fills my nostrils and the sudden surge of a hot liquid hit my lips.

Ah! Definitely one of my favorite parts of morning and probably the main reason I am not still sleeping. I do love my coffee.

I reflect back on last night’s Date Night with Kelli and us discussing all the things that still need to be done prior to the move.

The move?! Yes, the move to Montana. Get caught up here.

Tangent: I realized this week there are good, close friends of mine that I still have not told. The discussion kind of deflated my excitement because I was not being a good friend. But I was quickly revived when I started discussing the plans which I refer to as Operation Romeo Macho (Rocky Mountains).

I still have books to pack up, rooms to condense and consolidate, and years of collected “have to have” stuff that can be put in a pile for a Yard Sale. The conversation over wings and a beer ended with an agreement that we need to step it up and if it did not sell at a Yard Sale, the items would be donated. All clothes however, would either be tossed (if not truly wearable such as holes) or donated immediately.

With less than 3 MONTHS from departure, things become a little daunting.

We realized that we had made short moves in our marriage. Columbus, GA to Phenix City, AL to Atlanta, GA to Norcross, GA, and where I am writing from now in Snellville, GA. All in all, it is no more than 120 miles from where we started.

But ahead of us, is a 2,300 mile, 36 hour (with no stops) trip to the other side of the country.

Yeah, but again, why Montana?

The majesty.

I looked through photographs from our visit last year. I reflected on the feelings that flowed through me during an outing to see the bison.

The elation. The grandeur. The purple mountains majesty.

A tear wells up in my eye even as I write this.

While I did not take as many photos as I promised myself that I would, I spent the trip immersed and experiencing what would eventually become home.

The photo at the top of the page is but a sampling and probably not the best one from my camera roll. Because of me choosing to be present and experiencing the event, it quickly took me back to where I wanted, no, LONGED to be.

I cannot wait to get to the mountains of Montana.

If you have never experienced the Rockies, it is something you should definitely add to your bucket list.

So what does all this mean, Bill?

It means, be present and enjoy.

While it is good to capture things on film at least digitally, do not consume yourself with doing so for an Instagram post. Instead, immerse yourself in the event. Become involved. Smell, taste, feel and truly enjoy the things that are happening.

You can thank me later.

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive

P.S. Share your latest adventure in the comments below. It may have just been a trip to the park but what have you done to get outside and enjoy Mother Earth?