Valley Food Storage Revisited

Valley Food Storage Revisited

Valley Food StorageRecently, Valley Food Storage reached back out to me and asked if I would review some of their new line of Long Term Food Storage items. After enjoying the last ones, I happily agreed. I have to say, their new line of products are definitely great tasting!

They sent me four new flavors to try: (prices as of May 13, 2017)

When unpacking the box, I took note of the new packaging. While the silver mylar bags are still in use with some of their lines, Valley Food Storage has updated the look and feel of their packaging. As you can tell by the article photograph, it has a little more appeal.

My first step was to open up the packages and eat them regardless of what the label said it was.

“Coconut Milk Bites? Okay. Let’s do this!” MAN THEY TASTED GREAT!

Being a fan of coconut anyway, these little bites were light as a cloud and felt like I just ate a piece of heaven. I wish I was exaggerating. I passed them around the family and one daughter wanted to take them with her to an all-day dance thing. I was afraid I would not get them back to review so I had to decline.

I had tried a brand of coconut coffee, so I decided to add some to my normally dark roast coffee. It took a couple of handfuls to weaken my strong coffee, but after dropping in about four dozen bites, the taste was finally altered. Not too bad. While I would not do it regularly, because I like my coffee black, it was a nice and sweet treat.

After opening the Vanilla Greek Yogurt and throwing some down my gullet, I decided to mix them with the coconut milk bites. Again, VERY TASTY! As I sat there munching on a handful from one bag and a handful from another bag, the young adults that live in my house became very intrigued and decided to follow suit. Everyone agreed, good stuff!

I have grown up eating jerky and various weird meat flavors and styles. So I took on the challenge of the Freeze Dried Sausage Crumbles. First, as I did with the others, I just grabbed some and ate them. Later, I added them to eggs and cheese. And finally, I added them to a pre-made pizza.

Other than the initial taste test of the sausage, it was good in everything I ate. The initial bite, straight from the bag, had a strange flavor. It was kind of strong and kind of similar to a jerky flavor. It was not a bad thing, I just do not think I was ready for it. My son said the same thing. Initial was a little weird but every time he ate it afterward, it was good.

As for the Valley Food Storage Peanut Powder, as I did with the first review, I am sitting it on a shelf to do shelf test. I do not know when I will open and test it but it will not be soon as I am testing the flavor over a period of time.

Valley Food Storage is a great and inexpensive way to build up your long-term food storage and preps. They do not just carry foods, but also water storage items and overall preparedness supplies, including a home freeze dryer. As always they have Gluten-Free, non-GMO foods and No MSG. Free Shipping and a great price, what more could be asked for?

Check out their page and decide for yourself. I would definitely add some of their great tasting food items to your shelves so you are not suffering through eating only MREs should a catastrophic event happen.

Until then,

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