Top 5 Survival Fishing Techniques For Beginners

Top 5 Survival Fishing Techniques For Beginners

Fishing Techniques for Beginners

Top 5 Survival Fishing Techniques For Beginners

If you find yourself stranded near a water body that has fish, then you should never go hungry. There is plenty of food around you to keep you going as you wait for help to come. Here are the top 5 survival fishing techniques for beginners, to help you get through the day.

  1. Improvised Fishing Hook, Line and Lure

Look for needles; soda can tab, paper clip, etc. and shape it into a hook. You can also carve a piece of wood and use it as a hook. The detailed description of how to go about it can be found in many Survival Books.

Remember to always have one with you because you know the internet may not be reliable depending on where you are stranded. For a fishing line, you can remove the thread from your fishing shirt or use dental floss. Cut a piece of your fishing shirt or any clothing that you, to act as a lure on your fishing line.

  1. Fishing using Nets

You can make a fishing net from stretching a piece of cloth between two sticks in shallow waters. Push the piece of clothing before you and work your way to the bank or towards a small cove. When you get to the most shallow part of the water, lift your improvised net quickly and remove the catch.

The use of the makeshift fishing net is sometimes more efficient than using hook and line, and you don’t have to struggle as you remove a fish hook. After all, you need to save as much strength as you can.

  1. Using Natural Poisons

This technique should only be used in shallow pools of water to catch a small amount of little fish. It should not be used on a large scale. These natural poisons include burned seashells; you will have to crush them before throwing the crushed pieces into the water.

  1. Spearing Fish

Any sharp, wood, bone or metal can be fastened to the piece of food to act as a sharp tip. You can also fashion the tip of your makeshift spear into a jaw. It is more efficient than the former method.


  1. Noodling

To catch catfish or suckers from shallow water, you can use your hands; also known as hand fishing or noodling. You will need to find hollow logs, holes beneath rocks or uncut banks.


The outlined survival fishing techniques are simple even to a novice in angling. If you get stranded near a water body with fish, you should never go hungry. The techniques above will help you catch as many fish to help you keep going until help arrives.


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