The Long Road – Book Review

The Long Road – Book Review

The Long RoadIt is often realized that sequels are rarely as good as the original regardless of movies or books. Although the potential is there, take every movie you have seen and the percentages of successful “part 2” movies really aren’t worth the time they spent at the box office.

Happily, I cannot say the same for “The Long Road” by G. Michael Hopf. Although I was excited to read the second one after the first, there was still that hesitation that I have found in many books. Some authors use a sequel as a way to get their unfinished thoughts onto paper and hopefully make some money doing so. They do this without telling a story and haphazardly introducing characters that are not intended to be built upon. Excitedly, I know several authors that are not that way, but unfortunately there are several others who refuse to truly “work” on a second novel with any great success.

In the “The Long Road”, the reader continues following Gordon Van Zandt’s journey along with his wife and kids. Hopf introduces and builds new characters in the same fashion as he did in “The End” (review here). This truly helps you to connect with them on a personal level and again, feel what they feel whether it is elation, sadness, or flat out anger.

As the journey progresses, the introduction of several factions and obstacles bring the story to life in a different manner. Although some of the events are quite foretelling, there are others that will truly surprise you. This, in my opinion, truly makes you want to read further and into the next book. If you read “The End”, you will want to know what Sebastian, Barone and Cruz are facing in this part of the series.

On a personal note, there are sections or scenes in which the characters are tired and thusly, so am I because I have the investment the author is looking for in a reader.

Admittedly, the only trilogies that I can recall reading are “The Lord of the Rings” by Tolkien and “The Circle” series by Ted Dekker, which I have recently found a fourth book was released. I rarely read them because it requires an investment by you, the reader. An investment to say, “if I read the first one, and it is good, I will commit to the second, third, or more” is required. This is apart from the time and money discussion but merely the mental investment into characters and lives of others. Regardless, I feel G. Michael Hopf succeeded in the release of “The Long Road” and will continue to do a great job with releasing his newest book, “The Sanctuary,” because of the ability he has for building the story and keeping the reader interested in the first two books of the “New World Series”.

Just the Facts:

  • 408 pages
  • $5.12 – Kindle Edition
  • $11.12 – Paperback on amazon.com
  • $15.99 – Normal retail price

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