Solar Puff Review

Solar Puff Review

Solar PuffOne of the greatest things about what I do is to review effective “gadgets”. The Solar Puff LED Light from Solight Design is no exception. This is a very effective tool for your kit.

You may be asking, what makes it so effective and I am glad to tell you. Part of it is because of its compact and light design. This light source folds small enough to fit into a #10 envelope (that is a regular mailing envelope). The better news is it comes with a plastic, reusable, zippered envelope so you do not have to go get your own.

As far as weight goes, it weighs only 2.6 ounces. If you are backpacking and shedding ounces in your pack and wondering what light will work better for illuminating your area, this one is it!

Another aspect of this cube built from recycled materials is it is a solar powered LED light. It has ten LED bulbs which are 60 lumens on low and 90 lumens on high, which is enough to light your area, read, or just find your way in the dark. It has a third option for power, which is the blinking LED for emergency uses. The Solar Puff can illuminate up to 50 square feet.

Take both of these factors into effect and know that it floats on water because it is water resistant. This means if you want to light a pool or if it is raining or if it falls off the edge of the canoe, it will still work.

One last factor about these lights that truly impressed me. Solight Design ran a successful Kickstarter program with the goal in mind of providing an affordable and renewable light source to disaster relief victims. These disasters are anything from natural disasters to the unfortunate refugee camps caused by disturbances in the country of need. This to me is a serious impact and a way to give back to the community.

The Solar Puff runs about $30 and you can purchase them on the solight-design.com website or at the Museum of Modern Art in New York as a single item or in bundle packs. You ALSO have the option to “Give Light” which allows you the honor of donating light to different causes such as Haiti and Nepal.

Please watch the video and see if this piece of kit is right for you. I think you will be happy that you did.

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