Vital 4U Screaming Energy Max Hit – Review

Vital 4U Screaming Energy Max Hit – Review

Vital 4U Screaming EnergyIn a fast paced and uncertain world, we need the extra edge on nutrition and making sure we can make it through long days. Vital 4U Screaming Energy Max Hit and the rest of the Vital 4U line of great products, helps fit this specific need.

I want to first thank Vital 4U for the bundle pack to try which included a hat, carabiner, and water bottle as well as the product to be tested. With their tagline being “Innovative Health and Energy Products that fit your lifestyle”, skepticism started running through my mind despite the company being focused on one thing, my health.

So what was tested and what were the results?

Although I was only to test Screaming Energy Max Hit, I tested three items: Screaming Energy Max Hit,  Vitamin, and Liquid Energy, coffee flavor (the distinction is because there are two versions of Liquid Energy – Chocolate Cherry and Coffee). Despite having a pouch, I did not test the Screaming Energy Ultra and I will explain why not as we go through this.

The tests were broken into three areas: taste, effects on my body, and longevity.

Screaming Energy Max Hit

As soon as I opened the box, I had to try the coffee flavored Screaming Energy Max Hit simply because it was coffee flavored and, as many of you know, I love my coffee. On a scale of 1-5 on taste – 5 all the way. It did not have a bitter or overpowering medicine flavor to it. Many products will add flavoring just to hide the active ingredients. Because one of their active ingredients is caffeine, the coffee fit right in.

There were no effects on my body internally or externally. This means, I had no cramps, no digestive issues, or anything. It was as if I drank water. Mentally though, I felt more alert and focused. I consider this a huge bonus. Because of this, I had no issues taking the pre-mixed pouches daily as opposed to sporadically.

Now comes the answer to the biggest question, how long did the energy last. My first test was at 2pm, an hour after lunch. I started slowing down around 10pm with no crash and no ill effects. I just seemed more awake and alert for that period of time. There is one factor I did not take into account however. I slowed down for the evening around 10pm. I do not know if I could have kept going if I needed to stay up longer but feel like I could have.

Additional notes should be that I took separate pouches in three other methods: on an empty stomach, after breakfast, and one with breakfast. All three showed the same results with the times taken during breakfast seeming longer than the initial eight hour trial. The pouch itself includes 185mg of caffeine per pouch. The comparison is an 8oz cup of medium roast at 95mg/per serving. Also, and for the record, there are 9g of natural cane sugar in each pouch.


Just to be clear, we are talking about 14 pills: 11 tablets and 3 softgels. While that may seem like a lot, when it is broken down into what each one of them are and it is not a bad setup. I have taken vitamins where they have combined everything and it did not work near as well as the Vital 4U vitamin did. Yes, the taste, well, like vitamins. No promises of good flavoring here, but it was not overpowering.

My test was done on a day that I did not take the Screaming Energy and I have to say, the word impressive does not begin to do it justice. I felt healthier. What I mean by this is, it seemed my system absorption rate was working at full speed. All the vitamins seemed to go into my system at the way they were designed and no peed out when I went to the bathroom. And yes, I checked.

Longevity was not unusual by taking vitamins as a whole. When I am on a regiment of vitamins, the effects of a well feeling body usually last between 8-10 hours depending on what activity I am doing for the day. The Vital 4U Vitamins were no different but made me feel a little more…peppier.

Liquid Energy

With an energy drink that uses Ginseng as a main ingredient, it becomes difficult to hide the dirt taste. Regardless, Vital 4U does with all of their drinks. This pouch is designed for active lifestyles but not necessarily what you need for running a marathon or a football game that Screaming Energy might require. The taste was a 4 out of 5 simply because it did not have as strong of a coffee flavor as the Screaming Energy did.

Like everything mentioned previously, Liquid Energy followed suite and no ill effects to my body.

Where the Screaming Energy Max Hit lasted 8 hours plus, the Liquid Energy seemed to start slowing down at around 5-6 hours. That is not a bad thing, it is just what it was. This was the main reason why I did not try the Screaming Energy Ultra. With the time variables of Liquid Energy and Screaming Energy Max, I did not partake in any activity that required a longer energy cycle. However, I am doing an Scout Wilderness Class and an Obstacle Course Race, in which this would be perfect. For the record, the class requires long days of 7+ miles hiking daily and I feel that this would be a great addition to my pack.


The question a friend of mine asked me the other day was how does this apply to the survival, bushcraft, or preparedness theme of what we do here. I replied, pretty firmly, if it all goes down, I will need to be alert and aware for many hours in a day and no time for grogginess or sugar crashes. The Screaming Energy Max Hit would be perfect because it does just that. It’s core is B vitamins, Ginseng, and Taurine, not to mention the taste is great. Since they are able to withstand 30lbs of pressure the eco-friendly foil pouches make portability and stow-ability a non-issue.

In survival, one is usually always on the go and does not have a complete nutritional mindset. Add vitamin C and one is well on the way to staying healthy regardless of what life is throwing at them. So whether you are a soccer star or a soccer parent, the pouches from Vital 4U might be just what you need.

If you read this far and are interested, use the code INSTINCT for a 25% discount at www.Vital4u.com.

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive