Review: Loftek LED Portable Floodlight

Review: Loftek LED Portable Floodlight

Loftek Portable LED Floodlight

I continually look for new gear and while I work towards knowledge as opposed to my dependence on the “new shiny toys”, there are some things I just have to have. Enter the Loftek LED Portable Floodlight. Yes, Floodlight.

This little 1.6 pound brick is loaded with a 15w LED bulb that is bright enough to make pitch black turn into noon-time. The thing that makes the Loftek LED Portable Floodlight great, is it is not considered a uni-tasker. What this means is, I can use it for more than one thing.

It has three light settings: Bright as the sun, a little dimmer and disco mode. Okay, so maybe not disco but it has an SOS mode that flashes blue and red. “But wait, there’s more!” Remember it is not a uni-tasker, so it serves more than one purpose. The battery can be used to charge other devices. I was able to charge my cell phone just as I would with any other battery bank out there. The waterproof USB port can be used to charge my phone as opposed to using the port to charge its own battery. This means less gear.

The last thing that really sets this apart was the wife approval. I thought about the possibility of giving it away as a prize, but the minute she saw it, she wanted it for camping. I showed it to her outside in the dark and she took it from me. In fact, I had to beg for it back for the video review (coming soon) and photo shoot.

Top that approval off with the fact that it is less than $40 and usually $30 on Amazon…SOLD!

Just the facts:

  • Two in one: Cordless LED and battery bank
  • 15w LED equal to 60w incandescent
  • 6,600mah battery capacity with 5V/2A charging for mobile devices
  • Adjustable handle with aluminum and steel housing
  • IP65 dust and waterproof rating
  • 12 month guarantee and unlimited warranty against manufacturer defects

You just cannot beat it. So buy one of these and you will see what I am referring to. Light up your own night. (link below)

Until then,

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