Preview of the B-2 Nano Knife

Preview of the B-2 Nano Knife

B-2 Nano KnifeIn trying to ensure that I keep you up to date with things current and things to come, I wanted to share a preview or rather a pre-review of the Bomber B-2 Nano Knife from Bomber & Company. Fashioned after the B-2 Bomber this knife is not like any other small everyday carry knife. Seen initially on their Kickstarter page, the pictures alone piqued my interest.

Why the name B-2?
The design of the blade is fashioned after the B-2 Bomber wingspan shape. While pointed at the folding hinge, it tapers back like the wings on the famous bomber. It then squares down on the ends to make the silhouette of the wingspan.

Regardless of its namesake, this knife is small in stature. Keep in mind, I have large, caveman hands and at 80mm this thing is a dwarf that fits in the palm of my hand when opened. When I compare the size of my normal carry, the B-2 Nano Knife is smaller opened than mine is folded. This is not a bad thing and I will explain more.


  • 80mm overall length
  • 48mm handle length
  • 30mm blade length
  • 1mm blade thickness
  • 20mm closed width
  • 16mm open width
  • 5mm thickness
  • <1 ounce in weight
  • 7 serrated teeth
  • 440 58-60HRC hardened stainless steel

B-2 Nano’s black 440 stainless steel blade is divided for two styles: a smooth, flat grind blade and a chisel edge serrated blade. The serrated edge uses the Great American Tooth pattern which is used by many cross-cut saws. Since it is an open design, wood shavings and other things do not easily get caught in the teeth.

Additional Features
For me, function is the main reason I would obtain a knife. I have been to many raffles, only to put my tickets in the basket where the knife provides a purposeful function as opposed to “just another knife”. That function may include some of the features the B-2 Nano Knife sports.

While I mentioned the two in one blade that the B-2 Nano Knife has, it also comes with a mini caribeaner. This provides the ability to clip to paracord or for quick action from it being clipped to your everyday carry or bugout bags.

A gimped spine helps give a little extra boost when cutting and the grooved handle prevents the Nano from slipping out of your hands while performing your tasks.

OH! I almost forgot. It locks. When unfolded, the Nano locks into place with a “snap” or “click” so you are assured it is in place and will not accidentally close on your fingers. This is accomplished with a lever lock as opposed to a push button style locking mechanism.

And two main features that always gets me going. Made in the USA and Lifetime Warranty! Enough said!

Will It Work?
This is always the valuable question, especially when referring to such a small knife. The B-2 Nano Knife was designed for function and heavy tasks. One thing that caught my attention was the designers did not originally create this for the public, but instead for their own use.

Their testing of the B-2 Nano Knife reveals use in some everyday tasks as well as some that would be more to my liking such as feathersticks and striking a ferro rod. This mixed with the occasional opening of packages or cutting cordage makes the B-2 Nano a good all around pocket tool.

While I have yet to actually hold one in my hand, I definitely look forward to doing so. Their Kickstarter Project exceeded their goals within twenty days. There is still time to jump on the backers and get your B-2 Nano for $25. This will go a long way toward their stretch goals.

Look at the gallery. Check them out. And definitely consider backing them and finding out why they are “the smallest and lightest tactical pocket knife in the world”.

B2 Nano Knife

Until then,
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