Off Grid Tools Survival Axe – Review

Off Grid Tools Survival Axe – Review

Secretly everyone wishes they could have the best tools on the market. Additionally, they wish they could have an all-in-one tool. Your wish has been granted with the Off Grid Tools Survival Axe!

This thing is rugged! The contoured, glass-filled nylon handle that I was using, meant my hand was not easily going to slip, even if it was wet. Like Baskin-Robbins, there are 31 features in this tool.

For starters, it is designed in the U.S.A. – MURICA!

  • Hex head sockets
  • Backed Hex sockets
  • Wire Twist
  • Recessed Nail Puller
  • Pry Bar
  • Box Opening
  • Bottle Opener
  • Can Opener
  • Glass Breaker
  • Seat Belt Cutter
  • Gas shut off wrench
  • Grip Demolition teeth
  • Hammer head
  • Hammer Claw
  • 6” replaceable blade
  • …oh and an Axe

These are just some of the features that I found appealing. There are definitely more as well as options like an aluminum handle.

What makes this thing so great is not necessarily all the features, but it is compact and lightweight. At 11.5” and 2.5lbs. this becomes a great addition to an EDC bag, a BOB, or even just the car kit or glovebox. It feels good in the hands and unlike some other tools that feel like they will break the moment you use them, it took a beating.

The Tests:

Their tagline is: Hack, Slash, Pull, Pry, Saw, Pierce, and Pound. In a nutshell, that is about it.

I started by hacking some bushes and saplings then it progressed into a half of a log to see what kind of abuse it would take. It did not even budge.

I cut some small logs with the 6” blade and again, light work. They do have an option to switch this reciprocating saw blade with a Milwaukee brand, but I think this works fine for now. The saw seemed to migrate towards some small shrubs, which were quickly dispatched.

The glass breaker seemed solid even though I did not try it. I cut some canvas with the seatbelt tool and tried some of the hex heads out. After pulling a few nails out of the fence and hammering them back in along with the tent pegs, it was time to open a beer. Nothing disappointed in the way this thing handled.

The Bad:

With all great tools, there seems to be a downside at some point. This one was no different.

The axe blade is shipped unsharpened. “You mean…” Yeah, I know.

I spoke to Patrick from OGT about this and it is a safety thing. It is shipped in a clamshell plastic container and they want to make sure no one gets accidentally cut by a sharpened blade. It only took me about five minutes to put a useful edge on the survival axe, so I was not too disappointed.

The other downside was the sheath or cover or mask or whatever you want to call it. Once the blade is sharpened, I am not convinced the blade will not eventually work its way through the stitched Cordura sheath. There are no rivets or backing inside the sheath to prevent it from happening, so it might be wise to make you another or take this one apart and add to it.

Listen, if those are the worst two things in a tool, I am totally okay with it. Seriously, it was easy to sharpen, and I am not worried about the sheath at the moment, but I wanted to make sure you knew.

Overall, I would have liked a tad bit more weight, but I am a big guy with caveman hands. This is a great tool and certainly would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for someone in your life.

Shout out to Patrick and the team at OffGridTools.com for letting me run this through the ringer. I hope to have a video up soon.

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive