Gear Review – Uberfire – Fire

Gear Review – Uberfire – Fire


In the world of survival, the biggest challenges are to focus on the four main categories: Fire, shelter, water, and food. Each category can be a challenge in itself and the order in which each is obtained can be crucial to life and limb.

After doing some research, I wanted to ensure I could reduce the risk of each one of the categories. For shelter, I carry a tarp. For food, at minimum, I carry beef jerky or energy bars. Water can be trickier, so I carry a filtration system.

Regardless of how tricky the rest can be, fire seems to be the one that can be the hardest to obtain. Sure I can carry a lighter but it does that guarantee my wood or tinder will light, especially if it is wet.

This is where Überfire comes into play. Überfire was originally created for downed pilots to create a life saving fire in some of the most unusual or “inhospitable” environments. Dale Fruit came up with the idea and concept to ensure protection for our men and women in uniform. In fact the fine print under the word Überfire label is “Military and Federal Law Enforcement”.

The Product:

The kit is 2 ounces of non-synthetic material in a 2 1/2″ x 3/4″ tin. Inside is also a petroleum covered cotton ball to get you started. Additionally, the design is such that the more forceful wind is, the more fierce the fire becomes. It also comes in a four ounce size.

The Tests:

In several field tests, I looked for failure. We had basically three weeks of solid rain and I was able to start a fire every time. Überfire is designed to extend your ignition time by allowing your tinder and material to dry out by the already made fire. After FIVE separate tests, I figured it was time to challenge the other claims.


I set it ablaze with just my lighter and it started with an ember. When the wind picked up to 8mph, the blaze grew higher. Again, no failure.

Ferrocerium Spark:

It is supposed to light with minimal sparks. Well just dandy. It did. Again, no failure.

Water Saturation: 

I dipped it in water and poured it off to see if it would light, surely not. Well, kind of? Although it is considered hydrophobic (does not absorb water), I can see it would take some work for the unit would start a fire. It definitely sparked and sputtered but I could not get it to go past an ember in this test. But that is just me. The tin is sealed so the likelihood of it becoming saturated is pretty close to impossible.

Overall thoughts:

While I am thoroughly impressed with this piece of kit, the debate is whether to spend $30.00 for it or not. After contemplating the different conditions and tests, I came to the conclusion I would absolutely spend it and another $30.00 for a backup or “new unopened unit in my kit” as is suggested by the back of the product label.

I want to truly thank Dale Fruit and the folks at Tops for their patience with me. I know it seemed like an eternity but the product passed every test you said it would.

Check out their video here:

You can purchase the product by clicking on the picture at the beginning of this post or here.

Also, you can see some of my tests here:

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive


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