Gear Review – Altai Tactical Boots

Gear Review – Altai Tactical Boots

I was recently asked if I was interested in reviewing a pair of tactical boots. After pondering that question for less than a millisecond, I agreed.

When the package arrived, I eagerly grabbed it and my happiness quickly turned to anger because upon grabbing the box, it was too light. I grabbed my knife and started cutting the tape off the package thinking, I do not know if I can do a good review by using one boot. After removing the packaging, I was elated to see there were a pair of boots and they were just that light.

I quickly put them on and laced them up. The speed laces, which to me are a necessity, were much faster than my other boots because the gap was a little wider and the included laces have a twist inside the sheathing. This means they not only bite into the speed hooks but the lace bites into itself with minimal slipping. What this means is when you tie them, they stay tied.

After walking around the house wearing the boots, I pondered on exactly how to review the boots. I typically ask the vendors what they want to highlight. With these the answer was clear…whatever you want. Which led me to believe the boots will speak for themselves.

The sole: The material and pattern are from Vibram(R). This company has spent millions of dollars on what works for trail and grips, and it wasn’t a big leap to expand it out for the lugs used in these boots. It is not a flat bottom but instead extends upwards over the front of the toes for protection and better gripping power when running and walking.

The shaft: The technology is called SuperFabric(R). It allows the boots to be very breathable while still retaining its water resistant protection that allows it to dry very quickly. The fabric is designed for abrasion resistance which will keep the boots stronger and last longer than average materials while minimizing tears, scrapes or cuts. Not to mention protecting my feet, ankles, and shins as the shaft rises to mid shin.

The foot/shank: After deciding a waterproof/water resistant boot is core to my personal needs, I had to try it out. I walked around, chasing the dogs, in water that was deep enough to reach mid shaft. Upon getting out of the river, the water literally, beaded off the boot and all was dry again. This material is strong enough that when I scraped it across rocks, both accidentally and purposely, there were no marks or indicators that I had done so.

Lightweight: After wearing them for two outings, one lasting for about fourteen hours, I still was not in a hurry to remove them. They did not add discomfort or so much weight that my feet were hurting afterwards. Keep in mind, I did not have a “break-in” period that I had with previous boots. I was willing to take the blister if it happened.

Waterproof: While the Superfabric, is just that, I was amazed at exactly how waterproof these boots were. I did not add anything to the boots to make them waterproof and as mentioned above the water beads off as quickly as I walk out of the water. The only time my socks got wet was after walking in water that came up to just below my knees and the water came in from the top of the boot. I know it came in from the top because I could feel the coldness running down my leg from where the shaft stopped. After getting out of the water, it wasn’t long before my foot was nice and warm again and all I really needed was a change of dry socks.

The boots did speak for themselves and these are great boots worth purchasing. I had fun doing the review especially since it meant I had to get into the woods and water to test them. I plan on doing an updated video review for long term wear and tear. Please check out the first video review on the Youtube.com channel and subscribe for future updates.

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