First Hunt – Book Review

First Hunt – Book Review

First HuntLet me start by saying, I am anxiously awaiting Book Two – “2nd Hit” in the Trilogy of the Bounty Hunter series by ima erthwitch. When I was asked to review First Hunt, my first action was to go to Amazon and see what it was all about. The first person style of writing and survival content quickly grabbed my attention so I happily agreed.

The book was easy to read and as the adventure progressed, the character building continued. With a government conspiracy and martial law in effect, I was quick to relate the story to both real world and things that “could happen”.

A young lady named Treya is the main character and as she comes to discover she has a very talented and needed ability. Being in a situation with no one to turn to, she decides to pursue a career as a government agent to hunt and kill criminals three times each as a bounty hunter. Yes, three times each.

It quickly becomes apparent that she was not fully ready for this role but adapts and overcomes her adversity with the aid of her newly appointed mentor. He teaches her skills to survive as well as the job. All the while, he pushes her to do better and improve herself as they track down their latest prey.

What caught my attention about this specific transition was that Treya had to use her instincts to survive. In fact, the author uses a similar phrasing in the book. Let me just say, that made my day.

The question that quickly comes is how ready is Treya and will she be able to make it in this line of work. With the help of her mentor, I believe she can. The government is corrupt. There is turmoil at every turn. “Ratters” or snitches are paid informants to keep the people oppressed and there are fences and natural obstructions to keep people in their own community. I am not saying this is real world as you will have to draw your own conclusions to whether this Arkansas set scene is familiar or not.

Book One is one that was a quick read and as I mentioned in the first paragraph, one that pushes me to want to read the second and third book in the trilogy. Regardless if Treya makes it or not, at a page count of 142, it was not a waste of my time.

I thank Ima for asking me to do this review and hope she continues well in her adventures. You can read more about them here.  OH! By the way, at the end of First Hunt you get a preview of 2nd Hit. And I have already heard she is pushing hard to complete it quickly. Pick up your copy from one of the links below.

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Use your instinct to survive