Field Hygiene – Combat Wipes Review

Field Hygiene – Combat Wipes Review


Hygiene is one of the most overlooked necessities in the field. Whether you are camping, hiking, fighting, hunting, or just taking a stroll, your body requires certain levels of cleanliness in order to not be a petri dish for bacteria and disease. This is where Combat Wipes come into play. According to the packaging and website, they are “for anyone out in nature and no access to shower or fresh water”.

My wife laughs at me because I stated Combat Wipes come in three different “flavors”. It is more three different styles or uses: Active, Gaia, and Commando.

ACTIVE is designed for the hunter, camper, bushcrafter or overall outdoors person. It was definitely useful at my recent attendance at the Georgia Bushcraft Fall Gathering. I was able to clean up every morning and reapply deodorant. Because of this I felt fresh and renewed and was able to get everything done that needed to be done. Last thing I needed to be was a stinking instructor waving my arms in the air and overwhelming the students with an outdoors funk that can only be described as sour mustard. NOT COOL!

GAIA is designed for women’s outdoor hygiene. Because I don’t fit in that category, my wife was more than willing to test them for me. The only comparison she had was, “I need these for those times I can’t get a shower. They feel and smell better than Wet Ones and Baby Wipes”. To me, I think it said it all.

COMMANDO is designated for military, kind of. In essence it is not too different than the ACTIVE Combat Wipes with the exception of their color. They are black in order to reduce visibility. This feature is great for hunters as well or for any tactical kit.

DRY OUT are basically mini towels for those needing to dry off after a rain or jump in the lake. I was unable to test these but can imagine with the quality of the wipes, this would be no different. There are five to a pack.

Each of the wipes come in a resealable pack of twenty five. They fit comfortably in a pocket or purse. However, for me, it fit great in the pouch of my EDC Bag or the outside pocket of my “purse pants” (cargo pants).

All three are alcohol free and the GAIA is SLS free and bio-mimitec and pH balanced to protect your skin and intimate parts. Add to this aloe, vitamin E, and antibacterial formula for each version to give a complete product.

Even though I received these for a review, I would venture to say they will now be a permanent part of my kit and preparedness supplies. It is definitely worth adding them to yours. Click on the link below to purchase. At the time of this post (11/22/2018), both Commando and Dry Out are unavailable for purchase.

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